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Myths about Employing Disabled People

The business benefits of employing disabled people are undeniable (see our article “Employing Disabled People – The Business Case”) and yet there still some employers who are reluctant to reap the benefits. This may be due to a number of myths around employing disabled people.

“It will be too expensive to make the necessary adjustments”.

Research suggests that 45% of employers think they would not be able to afford to employ disabled people. However, most reasonable adjustments cost nothing – only 4% of reasonable adjustments made to facilitate employing a disabled person costing anything at all, and there are many grants and advice available. The average cost of adjustments is £184 per disabled employee – a small price to pay if they are the best person for the job in every other respect.

“They won’t be as productive as non-disabled employees”.

This is a common concern for managers who may have deadlines and targets. There are many studies which demonstrate that disabled people are at least as productive and reliable as their non-disabled colleagues (in some cases, more so).

“They will be off sick all the time, and what about all the health and safety issues?”

Studies again show that disabled people in work tend to have better attendance records, stay with employers longer and have fewer accidents at work.

“It’s too much of a risk – we’re a business, not a charity”.

Interestingly, company surveys consistently conclude that organisations who have successfully employed disabled people are keen to employ more.

“Disabled people have nothing to offer”.

Try telling that to Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, David Blunkett, Winston Churchill, Beethoven, John Milton, Goya … the list goes on.

At Lloyds Banking Group inclusion and diversity is central to building the best teams. Attracting a diverse range of talent is crucial to this and Evenbreak ensures that our vacancies are seen by disabled candidates with the skills we need

Louis Jameson, Group Disability Programme Lloyds Banking Group