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The Unemployment Epidemic for People with Disabilities

A view from America:

How many emails do you get every day? How much of it is junk? While you can have the best spam filter, such as Everycloudtech spam filter, a lot will still get through. But, most of us also realize some legitimate and even important email gets caught up in that mess, and we could miss it.

What if you were one of those legitimate and important emails that got caught up in someone’s spam filter and they never, ever saw it?

Now you may have some small idea or notion about what it could be like as a person with a disability trying to find work.

The Constant Struggle

Disabilities cover a wide range of physical abilities, or limitations. An individual could be deaf, blind, developmentally delayed, diagnosed with a specific condition, paraplegic, and so much more. For millions of men and women around the world who have a disability, unemployment is a major concern, despite some wonderful stride made with legislation to protect them in the workplace.

In the United States, for example, a person cannot be denied employment or terminated due to a disability. However, it’s not easy to prove a person has been passed over for employment, a promotion, or even terminated based solely on their disability. And it happens far too often.

The unemployment rate among people with disabilities in the U.S. hovers at slightly less than double that for people without disabilities. A small percentage discrepancy could certainly be explained in a number of ways, but when it’s double, there’s a glaring problem.

And the situation is even more challenging in other parts of the world.

More people today are acutely aware of the challenges people with disabilities face, not just in finding and maintaining work but in many other facets of life. Numerous organizations and non-profits work tirelessly to improve quality of life and opportunities for these men and women and the vast majority of consumers support those efforts.

Therein lies the opportunity. Businesses, hiring supervisors, managers, and others may avoid hiring certain men and women with disabilities simply because they don’t want the hassle of potentially added expenses for them to make modifications or purchase equipment specifically designed to offers this new employee the tools he or she needs to perform their job, but it can actually be a boon to their company.

How hiring people with disabilities is beneficial for business.

Every year, consumers spend hundreds of billions of dollars on products and services. Some focus only on finding the cheapest prices, but the majority actually care about what a business does, what it’s practices are, and how it treats its employees.

When a company sets out to hire more people with disabilities, they not only gain valued and often more loyal employees, but goodwill among their target consumer base.

People want to support businesses that share their values and giving people with disabilities are fair chance at employment is one of those opportunities. That goodwill leads to word of mouth support and that is one of the most powerful marketing strategies in the world today.

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