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Ever Considered a Career in TV Production? Why Not?

By its very nature, the TV industry needs a diversity of people, skills, talents, ideas and perspectives in order to come up with new and exciting ideas and put them into practice. People who are good at seeing things differently, used to overcoming obstacles. People who are brilliant at detail, and people who are great with creating new ideas. In essence, what it needs is more disabled people!

If you have never considered a career in TV production, maybe now is the time to think again. And we have found the perfect opportunity for you if you love TV and want to be part of the army of people behind the scenes whose job it is to make brilliant content.

The Network is a free intensive introduction to working in the TV industry, run by the world’s leading TV festival. There are 60 places offer across the country. You will spend four days in Edinburgh learning practical TV making skills and hearing from the biggest names working in television today.You’ll get CV advice and networking training, then put it into practice with the cream of the TV industry at parties, drinks and awards.

Networkers are paired with their own industry mentor and gain exclusive access to jobs and opportunities after completing the scheme. Food and accommodation in Edinburgh is provided.

Who can apply?

The Network is looking for talented people from all backgrounds, no experience or qualifications needed, just a love of TV. They aim to make the TV industry accessible to everyone.

You must be over 18 by 21 August 2018, but there’s no upper age limit on applying – applications are welcomed from anyone, including people looking to make a career change. You don’t need A levels or a degree to apply, but if you are currently in full time education you must be in your final year of college or university and available to work from September 2018.

This is not a scheme for presenters or actors. The Network is a training opportunity for those who want to work behind the camera.

Applications are open now until 27 April 2018

Assessment days will be held across the country in June and July

The Network at Edinburgh Television Festival is 21t to 24th August 2018

So if you’ve ever wondered about a career in TV production, now’s your chance! Good luck!

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