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Category Archives: Accessibility

“I want to be an inclusive employer and recruit disabled people BUT…”

Savvy employers are very aware there’s a skills shortage. They’re aware they need a wider talent pool to recruit from. And they’re aware that a diverse workforce is a good thing for business. So, what holds employers back from taking action? Changing the way they recruit? Tapping into new pools of talent? Here are 3…

Want a welcoming workplace?  Accessibility isn’t just about the physical building.

  Here are 5 things you can do to make your workplace more accessible for disabled visitors. I love to travel and visit new people and places. Planning, not so much. When I am well, travel is my favourite past time. I rarely plan. When I am unwell, it becomes overwhelming and planning is essential….

Anxiety and Accessibility – Is your workplace welcoming?

The words accessibility and workplace usually bring one image to mind: A visibly disabled person, in a wheelchair, trying to access a building. Ramps. Lifts. Revolving doors. For many disabled people, just getting to a venue takes careful planning.  But accessibility comes in many forms.  And can impact upon many conditions. I went to a…

5 Tips to Make Your Job Adverts More Inclusive

Here at Evenbreak, we talk about diversity, inclusivity and overcoming barriers daily.  But how do employers keep disability awareness up front? Writing a job advert that appeals to disabled candidates is a great place to start! Employing disabled people means your workforce is far more likely to gain insight and understanding.  It’s far more likely to talk…

What Problems do Dyslexic People Face in the Legal Professions?

Just a few short decades ago hardly anyone had heard of dyslexia and children who had the learning disability were left to struggle and were often told they were lazy or stupid. Now, thankfully, we know a lot better and most dyslexic children and students are identified and given help so that they can access…

How The Parcel Delivery Industry Is Becoming More Accessible

Having been at the forefront of industry discussions for quite some time now and the question we need to ask today is what industries are doing to improve and whether or not it’s quite good enough. The parcel delivery industry, in particular, is one that has a lot of potentialto improve. From increasing the availability of…

Accessible City Breaks

With over 11 million disabled people in the UK cities are becoming ever more accessible for those with limited mobility. In a study by the Papworth Trust it was found that 57% of those with a disability in the UK struggle with mobility. Therefore, Easypay Mobility have decided to look at the most accessible cities in the…

Understanding The Advantages and Challenges of Online Language Education for Disabled People

If you or a loved one is living with a disability, you already know that even the simplest activities that other people take for granted can be a struggle. Despite efforts to make everything more accessible to people of all abilities, we still have a long way to go. The same goes for learning a…

How to organise an effective accessible team building event

Building a strong and effective team within your business, means building and maintaining strong relationships and communication skills. This can’t happen on its own and as such, you may want to think about including regular team building events to your annual schedule. To make sure every member of the team can partake, it’s important for…

How to Refurbish an Office to Suit Disabled Employees

A guest blog around ensuring the office is accessible for disabled employees: A Disability is neither an inability nor a personal choice. It can be as a result of heredity factors, pre-birth issues like chemical imbalances or disease and environmental factors. Forms of disabilities include physical limitations, sensory limitations, cognitive limitations, neurological, psychiatric limitation, multiple…

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