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Category Archives: disabled candidates

Invictus Games (in the every day)….

Written by Corporate Engagement Manager, Adam Etherington   Who else has been watching the Invictus Games on the television last week? I’m amazed at the passion, tenacity, courage and determination of the athletes. So much so, that I wrote this blog and dedicate it to the many disabled athletes that the ‘I AM’ logo represents….

What was your dream job as a child?

  Written by Kiana Kalantar-Hormozi, Evenbreak’s Candidate Engagement Manager. We spoke to five different disabled candidates about their dream job as a child. We asked them what they do now. What barriers have they faced? How did they overcome them? And made a video to share their answers with the world… As a child I…

Boosting your confidence when job seeking

Confidence is important when job-seeking. If we don’t have confidence in our own abilities, why would we expect a prospective employer to have confidence in them? Unfortunately, being unemployed can make it difficult to remain confident – particularly when we may have faced a number of rejections, or worse, had our CVs completely ignored. This…

Using SEO Services to Reach Disabled Candidates

One of the toughest aspects of recruiting candidates with disabilities is knowing where to find them in the first place. With the business benefits associated with employing disabled people, this is not only a challenge, but a necessity. Rather than advertise through online job sites, or search through cold email, LinkedIn, colleague recommendations or more, there…

Position your Disability Positively for Employers

This is a guest blog from a good friend of Evenbreak, Louis Jameson, Assistant Manager, Group Disability Programme at Lloyds Banking Group: Today I want to share some thoughts on how to position a disability or health condition when entering work. Whilst our universities get us work-ready, no one discusses how to address our disability…

Guest blog: Best Careers for People with Visual Impairment?

A guest post by Cheryl Wilcox: Over the years many people as they have gotten to know me have asked “what are the best career options for the visually impaired and blind”. I had never thought about it but there seems to be an assumption that there are jobs that are ideal for the blind…

Specialist Colleges Providing Vocational Training for Disabled Young People

This article was written by Andrew Atkinson, Managing Director of UK ecommerce website Mobility Smart – an online store stocking products to make life easier for those with mobility difficulties and for the older generation requiring living aids and specialist equipment. Derwen College is an educational facility in Oswestry, which promotes itself as a ‘residential college…

Guest blog: Have I got what it takes?

Today’s guest blogger, the lovely Mike Brodie of Thoughts Without Limits, asks the question we have all asked ourselves: This may be a reflective question that you have secretly asked yourself at one stage or another in life. Can you remember when this was? How did you feel when it popped into your mind? Was…

Opportunities for blind and partially sighted candidates

Always keen to ensure our candidates know what is available for you, we wanted to promote this great scheme from RNIB, called Extending the Reach, aimed at helping blind and partially-sighted people looking for work. More on their nwebsite here. RNIB’s Extending the Reach programme (EtR) works to place unemployed blind and partially sighted people…

Guest Blog: How do I tell my employer about my impairment?

Kath Sutherland from START Ability Services writes about the question of when to discuss impairments or health issues with an employer: People often worry about whether they have to disclose an illness or disability to their employer. Although there is no legal obligation to do so, it is important to remember that there could be…

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