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The rewards of an open and flexible recruitment process

In this blog I described the recruitment process Evenbreak used in a recent hiring round. Any recruitment process can only really be evaluated by the outcomes it produces. In our case, we were aiming to attract a number of diverse candidates who had the qualities and strengths required to do the two roles we were trying…

Evenbreak’s Own Recruitment Process

We advise employers to make their recruitment processes as accessible as possible, but do we practice what we preach? Here is the process we used in our recent hiring round, looking to fill two roles. As a small social enterprise aimed at improving disability inclusion in the workplace, we have a policy of only employing…

Evenbreak Wins APSCO Award

The Association of Professional Staffing Companies held its 2017 APSCo Awards for Excellence on 18th October, at a special lunch at the NatWest offices in London. At Evenbrek we were delighted to win the award for Disability Best Practice. The Disability Best Practice Award is sponsored by EY and is awarded to the APSCo recruitment member…

Inclusive Top 50 Employers

I was very proud to be asked to speak at the recent launch of the Southern Top Fifty Inclusive Employers event at Bloomberg. A number of people have asked for the transcript of my speech, so I’ve reproduced it here. “I’m thrilled to be here! Inclusion is to be celebrated, and what better way to…

Interview for GDH Consulting

Evenbreak’s founder, Jane Hatton, was recently interviewed by GDH Consulting. Here is an extract from that interview: Can you tell us the story behind Evenbreak? I founded Evenbreak in 2011 as a solution to a number of barriers to employment for disabled people. In the U.K., disabled people have twice the rate of unemployment as…

Channel 4 join Evenbreak!

Press release: Channel 4 has today announced that it will advertise all of its future vacancies on a specialist job site run by and for disabled people. Channel 4 hopes the initiative will attract even more applications from disabled people in a bid to further diversify its workforce and help disabled people break into the…

Could I carry a tea tray? Give me a break!

‘Could you carry a tea tray in your wheelchair?’ was one of the most memorable questions I was asked when looking for a graduate job. It was a deal-breaking query, the embarrassed HR manager explained carefully, because my potential new boss was an important, busy person who needed someone to make and carry his tea….

Guest blog: Trusting World?

Written by Lucy Findlay, Managing Director, Social Enterprise Mark: What does it take for us to trust people? Is it reliability, support on tap or simply showing you care? Trust means you place your faith, confidence and expectations into someone or something without a second thought. It’s a confidence that strengthens with every interaction you…

Reflections and Looking Forward – Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone involved with Evenbreak – inclusive employers, talented disabled candidates, partners and all other stakeholders. This is a time for reflecting on the past year and looking forward to the new year. 2014 was a very exciting year for Evenbreak. Here are just some of the highlights: At the beginning of…

Why Evenbreak is a Living Wage employer

Living Wage week begins next Sunday (2nd November), and I thought it might be useful to talk about why being a Living Wage employer is so important to us at Evenbreak. There has been discussion recently from a number of prominent figures around whether some disabled people are “worth the minimum wage”. Whether or not…

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