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Category Archives: Mental health

New Research on Mental Health in the Workplace

Totaljobs has recently conducted research around mental health in the workplace which showed that two thirds (67%) of UK workers would not feel comfortable discussing a mental health issue with their employer. Likewise, 1 in 3 employees still feel there is a workplace stigma attached to mental health issues, according to the research. The research, which surveyed over…

The Cost of Ignoring Mental Health

Employers often say that they find the practical issues around physical disabilities much easier to cope with than the more emotionally supportive issues around helping employees with mental health issues. However, there is much to be said for making your workplace a good, supportive and safe environment for people with mental health issues. Research commissioned…

Welcome new discrimination legislation

On 28 February 2013, the Mental Health (Discrimination) Act 2013 became law. The Act removes the last significant forms of discrimination in law from our society.This is a fantastic moment for people with mental health problems and a big step towards breaking down the prejudice surrounding mental health. The new Act removes three legal barriers…

Best Practice Case Study: The National Trust

I asked the National Trust if they had any case studies of good practice I could include in this blog series, and they sent me a number. The first one, today’s, is from a man who has really managed to turn his life around through very difficult circumstances including severe depression, and would like to reassure…

Myths around Mental Health

I found this amazing website called Time to Change, all around ending mental health discrimination through education. The site includes interesting information, case studies, a blog, and many other useful insights. I particularly liked a page looking at myths and facts, busting some common myths such as: Myth:   Mental health problems are very rare Fact:    Mental…

Guest Blog: Health Dangers of Office Work

As we know, most disabled people acquire their disabilities later in life rather than being born with them. Our guest blogger today, Daniel Winters, is a freelance British writer and health expert. Much of his writing involves topics concerning medical negligence and other important health matters. Today he writes about the health dangers of working…

Yes, I Really Do Hate Yo-Yos!

    A departure from our usual blogs today. I came across a book with the above title, and bought it. I found it very powerful, and would recommend it both to those who would like to increase their understanding of mental health issues, and those who have been there and might be encouraged by…

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