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Flexible working – the benefits for business

  Flexible working used to be something that only Mums requested after maternity leave. They were usually turned down. And they were respected less for having the gumption to ask for it: A death knell in the corporate world, as it were. Now, employers are fast cottoning on to the massive benefits for their organisations….

Employment appeal tribunals and disabled people

The UK employment legislation is quite extensive and those who have been wronged during work hours or have been dismissed without solid grounds have several options they can resort. Of course, these are just two of the most common issues employees face when they consider they have been subject to unfair treatment at work. There…

Share and Celebrate Successful Inclusion!

All employers are at a different stage in their journey to become more inclusive and accessible to disabled candidates. Some are looking at this for the first time, perhaps having previously focused on race, gender or other issues. Others have been working on this agenda for many years and have come up with some great…

Ready, Willing and Able

  Unlocking the potential of disabled people and giving them a fair chance to work their way out of poverty   By David Constantine   At Evenbreak we know the challenges often faced by our candidates who are seeking work. In developing countries those challenges are often magnified due to the extreme poverty that millions…

Funding for Further Education and Self-Employment for Disabled People

Please note: this is a guest post, and Evenbreak has not checked the accuracy of the information given. Often, disabled people suffer from the problem of discrimination. In fact, they can face major hurdles in getting an education and employment. In the UK, a person is disabled if one learns with difficulty, has mental or long…

Reducing Sickness Absence Through Empowering Employees

A guest blog, written by Nadine Denneth, Founder & Director of N.ableD. As a small business owner, I can appreciate the challenges and cost implications facing organisations when it comes to handling long-term absence for staff members who are suffering from ill-health. There is free help and advice out there for both employers and employees who…

How to Make it Easier when Interviewing Away

Going through the interview process is nerve wracking, stressful, tiring, etc… especially when you are unemployed. Add traveling on top of the other stressors and your interview just got a fair bit worse. Don’t panic though, there are many ways to make it easier, less stressful, and ultimately more successful when hunting that job. Here…

Importance of an Inclusive Employer with a Commitment to Employees with Disabilities

A guest post: Importance of an Inclusive Employer with a Commitment to Employees with Disabilities Whether you are disabled and are trying to find a job or are the employer who is about to hire a person with a disability, there are some things you need to know. For the Employer Hiring someone who has…

Guest Blog: How do I tell my employer about my impairment?

Kath Sutherland from START Ability Services writes about the question of when to discuss impairments or health issues with an employer: People often worry about whether they have to disclose an illness or disability to their employer. Although there is no legal obligation to do so, it is important to remember that there could be…

Evenbreak and Midlands Apprenticeships working together

Midlands Apprenticeships and Evenbreak are delighted to announce a new partnership that will see the two companies working together to recruit people with disabilities into Apprenticeship roles. Midlands Apprenticeships latest vacancies are now being posted on Evenbreak’s not-for-profit, specialist online jobs board. The service is used by many thousands of candidates so Midlands Apprenticeships is expecting…

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