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Finding Amazing Talent

I am privileged to be the Patron of the Natspec Inclusive Skills Competitions. These are a range of competitions where young people with complex learning needs can showcase their skills in a range of areas. One of the perks of my role is going to the competitions and meeting the competitors. Last week I went…

Travelling to work – the easy way.

Many of us have problems with travel – public transport still isn’t as accessible as we would like. Today’s blog explores an alternative that enables some disabled people to travel to work without having to use public transport. It is a shame but fact of the matter is that public transportation for those in a…

Training Opportunities at the National Trust

Training programme seeks applicants to learn new skills and gain experience at heritage properties From beautiful historic houses and gardens to inspiring landscape and coastline, National Trust places welcome millions of visitors of all ages every year. The Trust is now seeking applicants for the next intake of its ‘Passport to your Future’ training programme…

Understanding Diverse Candidates

Each candidate is unique. It is estimated that 70% of candidates may require some kind of adjustments in the workplace. If you knew what those adjustments were (the majority don’t cost a penny) you would be in a much better position to make attracting, recruiting and retaining most of that 70% much easier. But how…

How Accessible is Britain? We need your help!

  I’m always keen to help other social enterprises, especially those geared towards helping disabled people, and this is a great one! Stewart White runs “Accessible Britain”, and I’ll let him tell you all about it:   Welcome to Accessible Britain, a new and exciting organisation and website set up by disabled people for disabled…

Spotlight on Talent – Mandy

The variety of talent available within our candidates always amazes me. What a difference they could make to the workplace, given an employer prepared to look beyond the disability to the skills and talents behind.  Mandy has a BSc (Hons) in Information Technology from the University of Salford. She has worked in IT for 22 years in the…

Spotlight on Talent – Iva

Here is another in our “Spotlight on Talent” series, demonstrating the huge diversity of talent available at Evenbreak. Iva is a Veterinary Surgeon, a Member of Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, London, who graduated in 2010. Her experience is as a Veterinarian on a poultry farm from 2010-2012. Before her graduation Iva was working as a manager of a poultry market 2008-2010….

Positive about Autism

Whilst I try to avoid sweeping statements about any groups of people, it was pleasing to read this article about why one company are actively seeking employees on the autism spectrum. A German-owned global software company, SAP, claims that people with autism can have a unique talent for information technology. Their  executive Luisa Delgado said that “Only by…

Guest Blog: Making Jobs Accessible for Everyone

A guest post today, with some good advice on making jobs accessible for all. In these times of economic uncertainty, getting the right person to fill a job vacancy has never been more important, and making sure that your job advert reaches as many people as possible is the first step in the process. Ensuring…

Best Practice Case Studies: EmployAbility (3)

EmployAbility are a supported employment service run by Surrey County Council for disabled people who wish to find paid or voluntary work but need some additional help.  They help individuals find and retain employment, by supporting both the employer and employee during all stages of job seeking and providing on-going support in the workplace.  Their…

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