About Us

Evenbreak exists to solve a couple of big problems

Employers told us they struggled to attract disabled candidates.

And disabled candidates told us they couldn’t tell which employers were inclusive.

So, we joined the dots and created what we believe to be the UK’s most accessible job board to connect the two.

The employers who advertise on Evenbreak are actively aiming to attract disabled candidates… and the registered candidates want to work for inclusive companies.

Evenbreak’s values

  • Inclusion - Our aim is to ensure everyone feels included and heard in each contact with Evenbreak – whether applying for roles, advertising positions, using our coaching services or working at Evenbreak.

  • Impact - We focus on having a positive impact on the lives of disabled people by providing better work prospects and helping our employers feel confident they are getting the best possible talent for their organisations.

  • Integrity - At our heart is a strong sense of honesty in our courage, rooted in our lived experience of disability. We practice what we preach, and do not shy away from calling out discrimination or inappropriate behaviour. We are not afraid to pose challenging questions.

  • Professionalism - For us, professionalism means fulfilling our work commitments in a timely manner, being reliable and accountable in everything we do, and how we do it. We treat each other with respect, reflected in the way we behave and interact with our clients, colleagues and candidates.

  • Trail Blazing - We want to keep moving forward as an organisation, with optimistic and curious colleagues who question and challenge the status quo. Evenbreak is not a static entity, but aims to grow by disrupting and innovating, while engaging with, learning from and inspiring our colleagues, clients and candidates.

Evenbreak’s Mission:

To aim for a world where Evenbreak is no longer needed – where disabled people have the same opportunities and choices to enter, progress and thrive in the world of work as non-disabled people. All disabling barriers have been removed, and disabled candidates are valued equally.

Why advertise on Evenbreak?

Imagine a pool of talented candidates with the skills you need for your business to succeed. Now imagine you’re not reaching them because they don’t know you want to attract them.

We commissioned research from YouGov in 2022 and Enactus at UCL in 2019 to identify the barriers disabled candidates faced. Enactus found that 82% of disabled candidates said their biggest barrier to employment was identifying employers who were truly disability friendly. If you’d like a copy of the research, please contact us.

Disabled candidates bring more to your business than the ability to perform the role you’re recruiting for. They are likely to excel at creativity, determination and will have exceptional problem solving abilities due to their experience of disability.

Still not convinced? Have a look at some common myths and frequently asked questions

Why register as a candidate on Evenbreak?

All our team are disabled - we have lived experience of the challenges faced by our candidates. We’ve all wondered whether to disclose our condition and most of us have, at some point, decided against applying for ‘our dream job’ because we felt ground down by constant rejection.

We’re here for candidates with any long-term health condition or disability – be it physical or mental health, sensory or cognitive.

We’re not a charity. Or driven by profit. We are a social enterprise that exists to ensure:

  • Inclusive employers can reach and retain a skilled and diverse pool of talent.

  • Talented disabled candidates can access a range of opportunities with employers who put talent first.

People know about the business benefits gained from an inclusive workplace.

Evenbreak employers will look at your talent first. They might not get every stage of the recruitment process 100% right (although some of them will!) but they are committed to finding the best person for the job – regardless of disability.

You can set up alerts for specific roles, create a profile showcasing your skills and decide whether to make that publicly available to our employers, as well as following employers you’re interested in working for. You can sign up for our weekly email highlighting some of the roles available and listing all jobs added in the previous 7 days. You can also follow our candidate twitter account ETalentFirst where we highlight roles.

The static pages of our website (that we control) have been built to the highest accessibility standards possible (AAA). It has been extensively tested by people with a variety of conditions. We believe it is the most accessible specialist job board in the UK. But if you find it doesn’t meet your needs, please let us know.

We are one of the pioneering businesses that are involved in the proof of concept for the new Social Enterprise Disability Employment Mark, in recognition of the support we provide to enable disabled people to find and maintain meaningful employment.

The Social Enterprise Disability Employment Mark is being introduced to provide an independent guarantee that we put the interests of people and planet above private shareholder gain. We are helping inform the development of sector-agreed criteria against which, going forward, we will be regularly assessed against, proving how we are delivering social value through the employment of people with disabilities or long-term health conditions.

To find out more, visit Social Enterprise Mark

We love to celebrate success – please tell us if Evenbreak has helped you find your ideal candidate or your ideal job!