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Why all candidates should visit the Career Hive

Published on: 11 Sep 2023

Disabled Candidates are premium candidates 

At Evenbreak we understand the barriers faced by many disabled candidates whilst looking for new or better work and in the workplace. That’s why we created our Career Hive, this tool is jam packed with relevant and accessible careers support to ease your employment journey. 

Our Career Hive aims to fill the gaps left by career support services elsewhere. We don’t duplicate existing provision, but step in when you can’t find what you need anywhere else. We want to equip you with the skills and confidence you need to find the best job for you, independently. 

Useful Resources 

Disabled people make great employees using desirable skills daily to navigate the barriers they face in everyday life. Problem-solving, project-management, creative thinking are examples of these skills that you may not even realise you have. The Career Hive offers support and advice to help you discover these hidden talents. The helpful resources are categorised as follows: 

Career Coaching 

Our career coaches all have lived experience of being disabled employees. Our service meets you where you are in your career journey, whether you need a one-off session to gear up for an upcoming interview or an ongoing process to help you discover where to start. Using your preferred choice of Zoom, email or phone contact they will empower you to convey your value to employers and help you navigate those potentially tricky conversations around your needs.  

The 1-2-1 career coaching has all the standard provisions you would expect of a careers service: CVs, interview preparation, networking and confidence building. But we also offer so much more. As ambitious disabled career people, we’re offering a service we would have liked to see. 

To find out more about this service contact Evenbreak. 

Support Search 

The Support Search tool on the Career Hive allows you to find various levels of employment support in your area. There are many existing organisations providing these services, many of whom are either disabled-led or have lived experience of disability. Their services may include help with your CV, Coaching, Interview practice, Work placements, Peer support or other services designed to help you find work. 

In the unlikely case that no services in your area meet your needs, you’ll be directed to our career concierge who will be able to advise you on the next steps. 

Search for support in your area. 

Events, jobs and live chat 

And finally, the Career Hive gives you access to the job board, events and recordings and an online chat service with one of our team members with lived experience. 

  • Live online events including webinars, workshops and ‘Meet the Employer’ sessions
  • Access to recordings of previous events
  • An accessible job board where employers who are pro-actively looking for disabled candidates advertise their vacancies 
  • Live online chat - real time support from a helpful Evenbreak human. 

What do candidates think about the Career Hive? 


“I was very kindly invited to contact Evenbreak following a Mental Health breakdown as I was looking for support to get back into the workplace. I was put in touch with one of their Career Coaches, Rosa who has, quite simply, been an absolute gem.” 


“It was great to receive support from someone who understands the challenges of having an ‘invisible’ impairment, and I finally received the support I needed from Evenbreak’s Career Hive.” 


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