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Category Archives: Disabled access

Want a welcoming workplace?  Accessibility isn’t just about the physical building.

  Here are 5 things you can do to make your workplace more accessible for disabled visitors. I love to travel and visit new people and places. Planning, not so much. When I am well, travel is my favourite past time. I rarely plan. When I am unwell, it becomes overwhelming and planning is essential….

Anxiety and Accessibility – Is your workplace welcoming?

The words accessibility and workplace usually bring one image to mind: A visibly disabled person, in a wheelchair, trying to access a building. Ramps. Lifts. Revolving doors. For many disabled people, just getting to a venue takes careful planning.  But accessibility comes in many forms.  And can impact upon many conditions. I went to a…

How to organise an effective accessible team building event

Building a strong and effective team within your business, means building and maintaining strong relationships and communication skills. This can’t happen on its own and as such, you may want to think about including regular team building events to your annual schedule. To make sure every member of the team can partake, it’s important for…

How to Refurbish an Office to Suit Disabled Employees

A guest blog around ensuring the office is accessible for disabled employees: A Disability is neither an inability nor a personal choice. It can be as a result of heredity factors, pre-birth issues like chemical imbalances or disease and environmental factors. Forms of disabilities include physical limitations, sensory limitations, cognitive limitations, neurological, psychiatric limitation, multiple…

CAA help passengers with hidden disabilities

Civil Aviation Authority, who work with Evenbreak to attract disabled candidates, have issued new guidelines on making air travel more accessible for passengers with hidden disabilities. New CAA guidance sets out how UK airports should support people with hidden disabilities, helping improve journeys for those with conditions including dementia, autism, mental health problems, hearing loss…

The disabled-friendly property challenge: What is the government doing about it?

  11 million people in the UK are disabled – that’s 1 in 14 people. Whilst many of us have reason to complain about estate agents, it seems as though disabled people may have more reason than most. A complex search Searching for a home to buy, whether it’s your first home or an opportunity…

How to find the confidence to re-enter the workplace

To be disabled in the workplace is to have to prove yourself more than anyone else in the room. Despite increasing awareness of the challenges faced by those with a disability, the number of places that are accommodating towards the needs of this section of the population are still low. According to government figures, disabled…

Changing Facilities – where are they?

Today’s blog on the vital topic of finding changing facilities has been written for Evenbreak by Will Davies. For many years, people with very particular and quite severe disabilities would find getting out and about particularly challenging. Thousands of people living in the UK need more than just the standard accessible toilets in order to…

What to look out for when buying furniture for disabled people

A recent open letter published by blogger Samantha Cleasby served to highlight something which often gets overlooked in modern day society: the plight of those with disabilities. While Cleasby, who runs blog So Bad Ass, has full use of her limbs, her blog showed how much prejudice those with disabilties can face in everyday life….

How UK airports are improving their disabled facilities

Today Will Davies of Fubra talks about accessibility within UK airports: With the Disabled Air Passengers’ Rights Regulation being put into practice back in 2008 and the number of special assistance passengers using air travel rising in the UK, pressure has really increased for UK airports to improve their disabled facilities and accessibility. In recent…

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