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Category Archives: Self-employment

How Disabled Individuals Can Earn a Sizeable Income from Home

It is likely that you have already encountered a plethora of “sure-fire” money-making concepts. Many of these touted the fact that you can earn an incredible income from the comfort of your own home. Those who face mobility issues or who are permanently disabled are understandably interested in what such opportunities have to offer. Unfortunately,…

Maximising Deductions as a Disabled Self-Employed Person

For disabled people, things are just more expensive, no matter where you work. But when a disabled person is self-employed, without employee benefits and other advantages, things can get expensive very quickly. In the best of times, self-employed taxes can approach ½ of your earnings, after taxes are paid. In order to keep afloat, and…

CAA help passengers with hidden disabilities

Civil Aviation Authority, who work with Evenbreak to attract disabled candidates, have issued new guidelines on making air travel more accessible for passengers with hidden disabilities. New CAA guidance sets out how UK airports should support people with hidden disabilities, helping improve journeys for those with conditions including dementia, autism, mental health problems, hearing loss…

Don’t hit the business glass ceiling: try these startup tips

As she was accepted to be the frontrunner in the Democrat Party for the forthcoming presidential elections, Hilary Clinton said that she was standing under the largest glass ceiling in the world. And, in a sense, she’s right. To become the world’s first female American president would be a momentous occasion, the kind of history…

Tear up the job applications and start a business instead.

Today’s guest blog is written by Penny Melville-Brown OBE and is promoting the idea of looking at self-employment rather than a PAYE job working for someone else! What can you do when nearly every employer seems to think that getting a health condition/disability makes you not worth considering?  I remember asking everyone I could think of, when…

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