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Category Archives: Spotlight on Talent

Spotting strengths and latent skills – why it matters

Today I learned that my five-year-old is a talented actress. I’d had no idea. It’s easy to focus on the things she needs help with instead. I know she struggles to ride a bike. I know she doesn’t like being told what to do. I had been simply enjoying her strengths rather than nurturing them. But now…

Spotlight on Talent – Alan

At Evenbreak we often warn employers of the talent they are missing out on if they exclude disabled people from their search. Alan is a prime example of this. Alan’s goal is to obtain employment as a Web Designer and Developer or to work on 3D modelling or Motion Graphics. He is very well-equipped to…

Spotlight on Talent – Neil

Returning to our popular “Spotlight on Talent” series, where we showcase a diverse range of talented Evenbreak candidates, today it’s the turn of Neil Barnfather MBE. As a blind man, Neil’s greatest quality is his vision. Neil Barnfather MBE has experience of forming and successfully growing and selling multiple businesses. He is a keen political…

Spotlight on Talent – Nigel

Here is another in a our series highlighting talented Evenbreak candidates: Nigel has over ten years experience managing and developing Digital Communications solutions. After developing an Intranet that eventually evolved into a Sharepoint 2007 deployment serving 2000+ employees, his most recent project was a secondment to the Department for International Development to establish an Enterprise…

Spotlight on Talent – Oliver

Here is an example of another talented person from Evenbreak’s database of amazing candidates. Oliver has a 2.2 B.Sc. in Environmental Science (Hons) from Plymouth University and is currently undergoing a M.Sc. in Environmental Management (results in September).  He has a wide range of skills to offer through his education and experience, and also in his role…

Spotlight on Talent – Mandy

The variety of talent available within our candidates always amazes me. What a difference they could make to the workplace, given an employer prepared to look beyond the disability to the skills and talents behind.  Mandy has a BSc (Hons) in Information Technology from the University of Salford. She has worked in IT for 22 years in the…

Spotlight on Talent – Iva

Here is another in our “Spotlight on Talent” series, demonstrating the huge diversity of talent available at Evenbreak. Iva is a Veterinary Surgeon, a Member of Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, London, who graduated in 2010. Her experience is as a Veterinarian on a poultry farm from 2010-2012. Before her graduation Iva was working as a manager of a poultry market 2008-2010….

Spotlight on Talent – Rosemary

Here is another in our series showbasing the range of talent available from Evenbreak candidates.  Rosemary has had a good deal of secretarial experience, which also included working as a receptionist and first point of contact. She also also worked as a civil servant at her local jobcentre for quite a few years. In latter…

Spotlight on Talent – Barbara

Barbara is currently studying Social Science including Welfare, Crime and Society with the Open University . She already holds an HND in Business Studies. In a former role, Barbara was an Office Manager at Battersea Power Station where she would oversee temporary workers, the company chaffeur and secretaries as well as admin staff. She was also Events Co-ordinator whereby she used to promote…

Spotlight on Talent – Fabienne

This week’s Spotlight on Talent features Fabienne – an experienced and very well-organised Administrator. Fabienne has worked either as a Secretary or an Administrator for more than twenty years.  She is equally at ease when transcribing long-hand documents into a spreadsheet, producing Trade Finance documents or in-putting records into Excel.  In order to complete her tasks successfully, Fabienne makes sure…

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