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At RS we’ve been solving engineering problems for over 80 years: big ones, small ones, easy and difficult ones. We turn the ‘what ifs’ into the ‘why nots’, the impossible into the possible.  

Our purpose? Making amazing happen for a better world.  

We offer service and product solutions. We send out a parcel every 2 seconds, to over 130 countries. We provide over 700,000 in-stock and over 3 million unstocked products to more than 1.2 million customers.  

We want people like you, as you are curious about things, you like doing things differently and also in a human way with empathy. Because that’s exactly how we partner with people – our customers, suppliers, colleagues and communities – to solve problems.  

We’ll also invest in your development and wellbeing – because building a more diverse and inclusive culture, being ethical, responsible and committed to our Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) action plan is at the heart of everything we do. 

Come and join us and over and we’ll help you to think big, do more and unleash your brilliance, so you do amazing things too.

Our commitment to inclusion for all

At RS, becoming the first choice for all people is at the top of our agenda.

Inclusivity is important to us, and we are committed to ensuring our people are given equal opportunities regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, social background, religion or belief.

Our determination to create this change is reflected in our ESG 20230 Action Plan to support a more sustainable and inclusive world. And includes key priorities including Mental health, Disability & Financial, LGBTQ+, Gender & Race.

We want Inclusion to be at the heart of our business and woven into the fabric of every part of our organisation; however, we don’t believe in quick fixes and acknowledge that authentic change takes time.

As we continue in our mission, every effort is made to ensure our colleagues are respected, supported and listened to whilst given equal opportunities to progress, achieve and reach their full potential.

Every person should be confident to bring their authentic self to work and make amazing happen – regardless of who they are and where they have been.

Partnership with The Valuable 500

RS Group are proud members of The Valuable 500, bringing together 300 global organisations who have joined and pledged to put disability on their business leadership agenda following the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in January 2019.

Applying to us

As an equal opportunities’ employer, we are committed to accessibility and disability inclusion and treat all job applicants without prejudice.

When applying and interviewing with us, we greatly encourage anyone to discuss what needs, requirements and support are needed to effectively carry out the role. For example, accessibility requirements, flexible / home working, visual adaptions to your computer screen or changes in tools you may prefer to use.

We will do everything in our power to support you with your application. If you need further support during this process, please inform your recruiter that adjustments are required.

We’re also interested in you as a person. Why? Because our customers and colleagues at RS is made of up so many different people, so we want our employees to reflect that diversity. We’d love to hear about your values, and what makes you who you are.

Neurodiversity Celebration Week

“For me living with ADHD can be a huge challenge. I’m reliably late for everything, regularly forget simple things and often struggle with focusing on day-to-day tasks.

“Despite that I have thankfully managed to carve out a career in social media that supports my strengths of creativity and interaction, while providing me with much needed variety and stimulation. Honestly, you wouldn’t believe how many social media professionals have ADHD. 

“I feel extremely lucky to work for an organisation that cares and has helped me every step of the way. After a lifetime of feeling different, years of self-doubt and research, it was actually RS Group’s private health plan that enabled me to get a confirmed diagnosis, having given up on the lengthy NHS waiting list.

“Thanks to RS, in a matter of months, I was assessed by a psychologist, diagnosed, completed a series of CBT sessions and now have access to ongoing online support.

“As Peter Shankman, author of Faster Than Normal said: This is the last time that I will use the word diagnosed with regards to my ADHD, because I’m not seeing it as a negative. People with ADHD aren’t broken, defective or damaged. There are successful people thriving in their lives thanks to, not despite, their ADHD. Our brains work differently. We have to adjust to that, but when we do it can be amazing.

“My ADHD is a big part of who I am and finally being able to put a name to the way that I think and feel has been liberating. I am very grateful for the amazing support and understanding of the business and my team. 

“I feel comfortable to regularly share how I am thinking and feeling. My manager and colleagues have really adapted to understand and support my needs. This has included allowing me to take more regular breaks, time to exercise in the early afternoon to increase my focus, using transcription tools to record meetings when needed and not being judged in a long meeting if I need to get up and walk around. 

“I was even invited to run a session for the comms team to share some of the techniques I have developed or apps that I use for my own time management, wellbeing and workload, which could also help them.

I feel able to truly embrace and celebrate my neurodiversity, thanks to RS.”

Hear from Robbie, Head of Social Media, on his own journey. And how having ADHD has helped him to carve out a successful career in social media that supports his strengths of creativity and interaction.