The Football Association

It is responsible for promoting and developing every level of the game, from grassroots through to the professional game, and successfully generates enough revenue to support investment of over £150m into English football each year. The FA oversees England international teams across men’s, women’s, youth and disability football, as well as running the National League System and FA Competitions including the Emirates FA Cup, Barclays FA Women’s Super League, FA Women’s Championship, and Vitality Women’s FA Cup, and the world-class facilities of Wembley Stadium and St. George’s Park, all with a purpose to Unite the Game and Inspire the Nation.

Football is a game for all, where anyone can change the world.

That might seem a bold claim. But we know it is true. Just look at how football steps up when times are tough. It provides education and empowerment, escapism and enjoyment. Promoting health and well-being, and the power of teamwork. And with our new strategy for 2020-2024, we have a plan for all. Positively impacting every community across the country. Everyone can win if we build on the progress made over the previous four seasons.

Football has the power to bring people together, remove barriers and be a force for good.

Our current equality, diversity and inclusion strategy will run until 2024 and forms an integral part of our long-term commitment to using our influence across English football to create a game free from discrimination.

Our three commitments,

  • LEAD THE CHANGE - By actively tackling discrimination on and off the pitch.
  • BE THE CHANGE - By building a diverse workforce from the inside out.
  • INSPIRE THE CHANGE - By promoting an inclusive and united game which is for all.

Football Your Way – Disability Plan

We have an ambitious new three-year plan titled Football Your Way, to help develop, improve and raise awareness of Disability Football in England.

The new plan is the first of its kind and covers seven key areas, demonstrating our commitment to ensuring that as part of the equality, diversity and inclusion strategy, disabled people have the opportunity to engage and participate in football their way, from grassroots all the way to the elite end of the game. The plan comes under the umbrella of the broader equality, diversity and inclusion strategy, which is about creating A Game For All.

The launch of the three-year plan, from 2021-2024, outlines our intentions to create a more diverse and inclusive workforce from inside the FA and out, and from top to bottom, whilst also growing participation, increasing the number and quality of coaches, developing an inclusive and diverse talent pathway, increasing support for elite players and raising the profile of disability football at every level.

Football Your Way will allow us to create and sustain a culture across the sport where disabled people have access to all opportunities and feel they truly belong, both on and off the pitch.

The seven pillars of focus are:

• Our People and FA Culture: Build full-scale awareness of what we have to offer disabled people while increasing understanding within the organisation around what it means to have a disability. Enhancing this understanding and creating an increased culture of inclusion will help increase disability declaration and representation within the organisation from 3.3 per cent to ten per cent.

• Participation: A focus on recovering and returning to pre Covid participation levels and then increasing the number of disabled people taking part in football, whether that be simply for fun or for competition across schools, clubs and the community

• Talent Pathway: Ensure that disabled people understand what is available and how they can grow as athletes and showcase how sustainable and inclusive the pathway is. By 2024 the forecast is an increase of 25 per cent of players coming up through the Talent Pathway into England Para teams

• National Teams: Provide world-class coaching and support services for six senior England and associated U21 teams with the aim of every Para team challenging for podium success by 2024. Football Your Way also commits to establishing two new blind and cerebral palsy England Women’s teams by 2024

• Coach Development: Focus on recruiting and developing a great number of quality coaches that can nurture and grow future football players. By 2024, personalised support will have been delivered to all coaches in the talent and international pathway

• Marketing and Communications: Embedding disability into everything that we do. This will range from ensuring disabled people are represented when we showcase our football offerings, to ensuring that we proactively increase the promotion of disability football. This will include driving awareness of opportunities available for disabled players, coaches or administrators and will be about working to challenge stereotypes and change perceptions

• Partnerships: Ensuring sustainable funding is allocated to the future of disability football by securing two additional purpose-led partners.

Football can only become what we choose to make it.

Football means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For some it’s dreams of elite excellence, for others it’s a way of connecting with their community and levelling the playing field. Both are true. For us, we’ve all got our own dreams and ambitions for how football can adapt, how it’s perceived, who it will reach and whose worlds it will change. Transport yourself ten years into the future, what does football look like?

That’s for you to decide.


Staff Benefits


  • Pension Scheme
  • Private Healthcare
  • Childcare Vouchers
  • Subsidised Onsite Gym
  • Cycle to Work Scheme
  • Life Assurance
  • Season Ticket Loan
  • 25 days Holiday Leave


At The FA, we are dedicated to developing our people both professionally and personally. We focus on business needs identified from our business planning process as well as the learning needs identified from our performance and development reviews. 

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