To meet the expectations of LifeWear from a very large and diverse population of global customers, UNIQLO places great emphasis on creativity. That’s why UNIQLO has developed a team of personalities and talent from all around the world.

Fast Retailing’s Chairman, President and CEO, Tadashi Yanai, says, "Fast Retailing embraces diversity as one of its most valued principles. Our general philosophy is that the clothes we make should serve to enrich every person’s life, and in the case of UNIQLO LifeWear, it is apparel that is MADE FOR ALL—for everyone around the world. Accordingly, our products must be created by a diverse group of people and based on a rich mix of human insights.

We believe a culture of inclusiveness can engender great respect for each other’s values. This empowers us to learn from each other and to continue innovating and transforming our business for customers."


UNIQLO began actively hiring people with disabilities back in 2001. In 2019, the employment rate in several countries of people with disabilities significantly exceeded the statutory employment target (e.g. Japan, Italy…). UNIQLO in Europe and in the UK wants to continue and accelerate its promotion of diversity and inclusion for disabled employees and customers.

“Whilst we know we have a lot to learn, we are determined to offer not only jobs but a career to talented members who carry a disability” says Maria Samoto Le Dous, Head of sustainability in Europe.

Therefore, UNIQLO welcomes applications from disabled candidates who meet the criteria for the roles they offer both in stores as sales partners, visual merchandisers and more, as well as in all of their office functions across Europe and the UK.


Morikawa San

Morikawa San, CEO of UNIQLO Europe and Group Executive Vice President, is a leading member of the Fast Retailing Global Diversity team. His aim is to grow a diverse team “where people who have completely different ideas, experience, backgrounds, and skills can learn from and respect each other.”


Tadamasa’s story


UNIQLO offered me a great opportunity to work while I was attending a school for persons with vision loss. It started with an internship program where I assisted with backroom operations in a store. It was really exciting.

Every single day was a joy. I was happily handling the amazingly colorful and fashionable items for customers. Whenever I completed a task, I was looking forward to the next one, thinking “what color fabric will I be handling next?” It was such a wonderful experience.

When I left the school, I decided to join UNIQLO. Now, I am working at the Ginza Store in the heart of Tokyo. The store is always lively and busy, with customers visiting from around the world. It is one of the very few UNIQLO global flagship stores in the world.

I am partially sighted and cannot see as clearly as other people. But I can feel, see and appreciate the richness of UNIQLO items very well. That’s why I can say with confidence that UNIQLO LifeWear offers amazing comfort and pleasure and can enrich lives. The colors are genuinely wonderful. They inspire and energize you with a strong feeling of happiness.

Global flagship stores are significant because they play a big role internationally. Customers from all over the world visit us to see the store as well as shop. We hope to make them happy by delivering the best shopping experience. We do that by offering the charm and appeal of UNIQLO. I am so proud and happy to work here. I feel the great responsibility involved.

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