Colas Rail

At Colas Rail, we’ve made safety, quality, and sustainability our legacy. Across every part of the railway lifecycle, every day, we use our shared values, culture of care, and daring mindset to impact infrastructure forever.

Now, we need more people to create their own legacy alongside our multi-faceted team – whether you’re at home on the rail or coming to our industry for the first time. Working at Colas Rail is joining a collaborative team at the forefront of its industry. But, more than that, it’s your opportunity to do work that leaves a mark – and rise to the challenge of creating the future of mobility.

What sets us apart is the way we prioritise safety while daring to be different. For us, they’re deeply intertwined. When you feel safe and confident about your role, your team, and your career, you’re poised to push ahead – to make daring choices, share new ideas, and exceed expectations.

From day one, you’ll be empowered to do your best work and encouraged to share your unique perspective. You’ll be at home in a team where everyone’s equal and approachable. And you’ll be in control of your own career and growth with training and professional development.

It’s a place where everyone is welcome, every day is different, and every opportunity is in reach. And a place where you can leave a legacy that lasts for generations.


At Colas Rail, we’re united behind three key values that drive our culture and are our guiding principles for everything we do.


Every day, we demonstrate our care for the people that make everything we do

possible. We prioritise care for each other, our partners, the environment, and

our own wellbeing.


The unique talents, experiences and personalities across Colas Rail aren’t just

recognised – they’re encouraged and shared at every level. That’s where new

ideas and innovation is born.


As an international leader, we dare to take on responsibilities and drive industry-wide

transformation. And we trust our daring teams to take on new challenges and large-scale


Our Principles of employment

  • To provide safe and healthy working conditions for all employees
  • To provide an open, challenging, rewarding and participative environment for all who work in the company
  • To train and develop all employees to achieve their full potential
  • To communicate the goals, direction and performance of the company
  • To reward collective and individual abilities, as well as personal performance
  • To provide a working environment which encourages teamwork, commitment and loyalty
  • To ensure open access to career opportunities.

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