We’re a leading international savings and investment company with a long-term outlook, built on the core values of care and integrity. Our aim is to grow our customers’ wealth and improve their world by investing with care.

At M&G plc, we believe that a well-governed business, run in a sustainable way, will deliver better outcomes for our customers and clients and make a positive contribution to society. To do this well, our workforce has to reflect the society we’re aiming to serve, in all its diversity. By bringing together and listening to people with diverse backgrounds and experiences, we can better engage our people, benefit from different thinking, and better serve our customers and clients. That is why diversity and inclusion is one of the two strategic sustainability priorities for M&G plc, along with climate change. We believe that creating an inclusive culture is critical to our success. We all, no matter our level, role or function have a part to play. That means promoting respect, developing talent, protecting our people, valuing our differences, and ensuring that everyone can bring their true self to work. We are proud of our colleagues, their wide range of backgrounds, experience, and skillsets.

We need exceptional people like you.

Different perspectives help us on our journey to become the best-loved and most successful savings and investments business, and our colleagues are at the heart of that journey. Our inclusive and flexible working environment makes M&G a great place to build your career and we’d love more diverse applicants for our roles.

We serve customers through a number of brands including M&G Investments – an international asset manager; and M&G Wealth and Prudential which manage long-term savings, investments, and retirement solutions.

We’re a global company with 25 locations internationally and including offices in Edinburgh, Stirling, London, Reading and Mumbai. We’re providing our employees a more flexible approach to working with a hybrid working model, so they can balance their work and life in a way that works for them.

We’ve created exceptional benefits, including parental, adoption and paid faith leave, to support our diverse employees, Watch our videos to learn more.

A workplace where everyone belongs

At M&G, we recognise the benefits that a diverse workforce brings. We have strong internal networks to support our Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, which provides a platform for all employees to get involved in. Our networks include:

  • Enable - Champions a supportive environment for people of all abilities and for carers to be recognised for their unique and valuable talents.
  • Elevate - Seeks to support and promote gender balance, empowering colleagues at all levels to achieve their true potential on their own terms.
  • Embrace - Aims to grow understanding and celebrate the diverse cultural backgrounds of our colleagues to inject diversity of thought in our decision making.
  • Pride - Fosters an environment that supports our customers, clients, and colleagues across the spectrum of diversity, sexual orientation, and gender identity.
  • Mind Matters - Aims to promote the standing of mental health and well-being in the organisation and offers a bottom-up network of support for colleagues.

If 15 – 20% of the global population are neurodiverse or live with some form of disability, this means that a percentage of job applicants, our existing employees and our customers are likely to be neurodiverse in some way. Having an awareness of neurodiversity supports a culture where neurodivergent employees are more comfortable in talking with their managers and may lead to them seeking the workplace adjustments to allow them to be their best selves at work. Our fully inclusive Enable Network provides the support and awareness for anyone who is impacted by or is interested in physical or mental health, neurodiversity, and different abilities.

How we’re building our business to support colleagues with disabilities

We’re proud to share that we’re a Disability Confident Employer, so if you require any reasonable adjustments to apply for our roles please reach out to our Careers Team at careers@mandg.co.uk

Ian Brakspear, Technical Specialist talks about his experience of being autistic, how he sees the world differently, and why he’s proud to be open and honest about his autism at M&G


I was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism, and dyslexia in primary school. Put simply, I see the world differently. I’m not the best in social situations and I have trouble interpreting tone of voice and written text. But I’ve learnt to develop coping strategies, and, for me, my autism is normal. Being different is something that I’ve learned to love, and I’m proud to say that my autism makes me who I am.

When I joined M&G as an apprentice back in 2015, I was sceptical to reveal my autism. But, after a chat with my team, I decided it was the right decision. As one of my friends once told me “No matter what condition you have, we will always be friends,” and from that one conversation, I’ve never been afraid to tell people if they ask. Throughout my time at M&G, whenever I have told people I’ve been overwhelmed by the support I’ve received.

I don’t always have the confidence to speak in a team or departmental meetings, so my manager has taken steps that allow me to contribute my ideas in small group settings. It’s a great feeling when you can contribute, and you feel valued. M&G has also supported me with relevant support, like where I sat in the office, to the use of technology and tools in Office 365 and purchasing me a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, which allow me to concentrate without distraction. My team knows that when my headphones are on, I’m not to be disturbed. My team has come to love my unique ‘out of the box’ thinking and ‘keen eye for detail.’ And, while they may be annoyed by my ‘sponge-like’ memory, they have come to admire it and are even a tad envious.

I wanted to share my story to encourage those with autism to feel confident speaking about it in the workplace, and also encourage colleagues to be more aware of those who are neurodiverse. Much like you, every single autistic person is different. So, much like anyone you are working with, of any race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or any aspect of diversity, it’s important to look beyond the outward appearance. When you get to know an Aspie (someone with Asperger’s syndrome), you’ll get to know what makes us individuals and unique in our own way.

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