ITV is the biggest commercial television network in the UK. Which means we offer some of the biggest career opportunities in the industry.

ITV loves big opportunities

We love telly, we’re passionate about content, and most importantly we understand our audiences. Thanks to an impressive 60-year history, our leadership is stronger than ever. And with the right people on board, we’re about to take our business – and broadcasting as we know it – to a whole new level.

We’ve also got the kind of inclusive working environment where you’ll never stop learning. One that’s at the heart of popular culture, that’s passionate about new tech, that has a truly international reach, and is incredibly focused on developing our teams; individuals and on the diversity of our workforce as a whole.

In other words, it’s somewhere that everyone can thrive.

We’re 60 years of TV history - and we’re also its future. Which means there’s never been a more exciting time to join us.

Here at ITV, we celebrate individuality, we’re committed to create an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive.

ITV loves a level playing field

It’s just a natural part of what we do.

It’s your talent that really matters and we want you to be the best you can be. So, our aim is to make sure our workforce reflects the diversity of modern society, which is why we promise to treat you with fairness and respect, whatever your age, gender, disability status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, ethnicity or marriage/civil partnership status, pregnancy or maternity status and family circumstances.

As members of the Creative Diversity Network (CDN), we’ve made a public commitment to improve representation of society on screen, and to become more diverse and inclusive behind the scenes too. Our work under ITV’s Social Partnership underpins our commitment across programme making and production for better representation. At the end of the day we want our workforce to represent the audience it serves. It’s a pretty big goal, but one that we get closer to all the time.

if you need to discuss an alternative way to submit your application, we’ll always try to meet your individual needs wherever possible. To find out more, you can email us direct at

For further details & a list of our vacancies, please visit

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