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Welcome to the Southeastern Railway Employer Hub

Kent, London & East Sussex

1000+ employees

24 job openings

About the Company

Southeastern is a great place to further your career where you will find rich diversity and a dynamic role in a fast-paced environment.

We are constantly evolving to ensure an excellent passenger service and an inclusive workforce. We are an equal opportunities employer with priorities that include increasing safety, developing our employees and supporting local communities.

By joining Southeastern, you'll be working for one of Britain's busiest train operators, serving London, Kent and parts of East Sussex. Our network includes the UK’s first domestic high speed service with Javelin trains.

Find out more about us and our people, and join our team!

Southeastern operates one of the busiest networks in the country, including the UK’s first domestic highspeed service with Javelin trains. 

We have been running the train service between London and Kent and parts of East Sussex since 2006. From 17 October 2021, Southeastern now operates under the ownership of the Department for Transport Operator of Last Resort Holdings Limited.

We run more than 2,000 trains and carry over 450,000 passengers every day between London, Kent and East Sussex.

Just over 4,500 employees - mostly from the communities that we serve - work together to provide this vital service and we are looking to expand our successful team.

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