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You probably already understand the business benefits of employing disabled people - that you can:

  • Widen the talent pool of candidates from which to recruit staff
  • Enhance your reputation as a genuinely inclusive employer (see testimonials from other employers)
  • Gain competitive advantage by having a diverse workforce which can attract diverse customers - there are over 10 million disabled people in the UK, spending around £80 billion every year
  • Make your organisation more representative of the community and foster an enviable repuitation as an inclusive employer of choice, attracting the best talent
  • Improve staff morale and loyalty to a business considered inclusive and representative
  • Meet your Corporate Social Responsibility aims and objectives
  • Employ staff that studies have shown to be easily as productive as their non-disabled colleagues, and also with, on average, less time off sick, fewer workplace accidents and a much higher retention rate
  • Comply with the Equality Act 2010

Like many inclusive employers we talk to you may find it hard to attract disabled candidates through your usual recruitment channels. Adding Evenbreak to your usual media helps you attract additional disabled applicants you might otherwise have missed. Advertising on Evenbreak sends out all the right signals about you as an employer.

Employers as diverse as Network Rail, BBC, the Royal Shakespeare Company, E.ON, John Lewis Partnership, Lloyds Banking Group, Rank, Unipart, Sightsavers, Wellcome Trust and many others have advertised vacancies on Evenbreak.

Please email if you would like an Employers' Information Pack or click on the download button on the right.

Buying credits for job adverts

Jobs remain on the site for 60 days, and unused credits stay on your account indefinitely. You have your own profile page and jobs are branded with your logo.

Please register to buy credits:

1 Credit (£115.00) = 1 Advert

5 Credits (£475.00) = 5 Adverts (£95 per advert)

10 Credits (£750.00) = 10 Adverts (£75 per advert)

Unlimited adverts = £750 per month (minimum one year) - Unlimited advertising gives you:

  • Literally unlimited advertising - limit on the number of posts
  • Your logo on the home page with a lnk to your unique profile page
  • Additional promotion through social media

Please call 0845 658 5717 to arrange. 

We offer 10% discount to registered charities and recruitment agencies..

All prices subject to VAT.

We are happy to invoice if your company doesn't use PayPal or credit cards

A few limited sponsorship opportunities are available - contact us for details.


We also offer a number of useful resources for employers and recruiters, here

Best Practice Portal - An Introduction from Jane Hatton on Vimeo.

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