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Company Profile - Advance

Hello. If you had one wish, what would it be? Would you go on a dream holiday? See your football team win the league? Become a DJ? Learn to read? Find love? Catch a bus into town? Buy your own home? Our wish is that people are free to live the life they choose. Everything we’ve ever done was because someone, somewhere, wanted something different and better out of life and we were determined to support them to make it happen. We're Advance and our story is the story of people’s hopes, dreams and wishes. Forty years ago we supported four people coming out of institutional care who had a dream of living independently in the community. Back then, our solution was to buy a house on a city street, fill it with furniture, and help them settle in. Forty years on we’ve learned to do things a bit differently, and our solution doesn’t stop at a front door and a comfy sofa. These days we support thousands of people at home, at work and in the community– people who start from a position of disadvantage due to their health or their disability and who want more choice, more control and more opportunities. We’re proud that we offer a whole load of affordable options under one roof which means people can pick and choose as they wish. So who are we? We are parents, partners, volunteers, runners, musicians, cyclists, writers, gardeners, footy fans and much more. We’d be nothing without our staff, all of us different but all sharing a dream to do what we’ve done from the start - provide the best services we can for each person, whatever that means for them and us. Where we don't have the knowledge to support people we learn, so that we can get it right; where we can’t provide a solution, we’ll find a local partner who can. And we love it when a plan comes together; it produces results beyond our wildest dreams. Take Alex for example, who led a very sheltered life at home and found it difficult to communicate with people or even look them in the eye. It took four years, but now he's writing music on a computer and every week he's at a community cafe doing a live DJ set in front of a live crowd. People’s expectations change as their lives change. We're not afraid to get on and meet those expectations in new, forward-thinking ways: making the status and security of home ownership available to people with disabilities or mental health issues, with more than 600 people buying a share in their own home; offering employment advice that broadens the horizons of people who find it hardest to get a job; or providing both a suitable home and really intensive support to people who have complex needs so they gain more stability and control over their lives. We’ve come a long way in forty years. The number of people we work with across England has grown from 4 to 5,500, and the range of things they trust us to provide grows every day. We’ve won plenty of awards that tell us we’re doing a good job but one thing won’t change – we want to be better. Wherever we are and whatever we do, we’ll keep on listening to our customers, as well as the people around them, and taking their dreams as the way forward.

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Advance has no current jobs available.


  • 2 Witan Way
  • Witney
  • Oxfordshire
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