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Naked Coffee

Company Profile - Naked Coffee

NakedCoffee’isanexcitednewcoffeechain,withtwostorescurrentlyinpreparationforopeningin‘December2015’and ‘March2016’,bothofwhichareintheBournemoutharea.Weareaimingtoopenanother2-3outletsin2016.




Ouraimistosupportthecommunityastheyareourcustomers&withoutthemwewouldnotthrivesoouraimistogivebacktoeach local community in the way of supporting local charities. We are starting with support for the local 'youth Cancer trust'(,inthevillageofWestbourne.Rightwhereourveryfirstshopis!


WiththebigCoffeechainsgettingGreedier&itbecominghardertobuyintowedecidedwewantedtocreateaBrandthatisherefor everybody.Abrandthatworkswithyou&theareaaroundyoutogiveeverybodyachanceatsuccess!




TheWestbournestorehasbeenstyledaroundtheWestbournecommunity,thecurrenttrends,wishesofitscommunityandtheirspecific needs. The Westbourne store is designed with one of our embedded floor prints in regards to the setup of the store, style, & its unique sellingconceptthatwillbereciprocatedinSouthWestregionofEngland.


The Team SoFar:


Ian Saul(CEO: Naked Coffee)- ‘Ian’ from the British ‘Mulberry’ Clothing family started his early days training as an Electrical Design Engineer. His appetite for success swiftly led him to move to Bournemouth to work for the world renound boat company 'Sunseeker'. Withinafewyearshesavedupenoughmoneytobuyhisfirstproperty(2001)&thatleadtothestartofhispropertydevelopmentcareer which, along with his brother 'Peter' is still thriving to thisday.


In his everlasting quest for success & his love for coffee he got together a group of friends to find a new style of coffee house which has leadtothisNewamazingrollercoasterweareallthrilledtoberidingon!


Niki Carter (Executive Director) - ‘Niki is in charge of Finance/Purchasing. Her experience consists of: business executive JP Morgan, market intelligence tax specialist analyst, UK land property management, property planner. Xsrata Commodities Ltd, back office trade deskmanagerbasedinDubai.Nikkiwillbeusingherbackgroundknowledgetohelpustobecompetitivewiththelargechainswhichwill includethrashingdownourpurchasecosts&sourcingusnew&innovativeproductranges.


Paul Odle (Executive Director in charge of HR) - Paul comes from an impressive & long spanned career in the Police force. He is currently part of ‘The National Standard Project lead’ in collaboration with ‘Ernst Young’ for the ‘Metropolitan Police’ and geographic area of LondoncommunitiesandDevelopmentandtraininglead

DanielYoung(ExecutiveProjectManager)-Danielisayoung&enthusiasticmemberoftheteamwhoisgivinguphisElectricalbusiness togivehisfullcommitmenttoinsuringeach&everyoneofourstoresisfittedtothehigheststandard.


Major Steadman (Head of Marketing & Design)- Major is the man when it comes to Style & design. His company ‘Punch’ has produced someamazingpackagesintheUK&Dubai&hisimagination&designhashelpedusmouldthecompanyintothisexcitingBrandweare all proud to be a partof.

Jobs at Naked Coffee

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Naked Coffee has no current jobs available.
Naked Coffee has no current jobs available.
Naked Coffee


  • Naked Coffee
  • 93 Poole Road
  • Bournemouth
  • Dorset
  • BH9 4BB

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