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Company Profile - Teleperformance

At Teleperformance UK, we believe in people. The world is getting smaller and connecting with each other is easier and more digital at every step, real people are the ones who make the difference. The ones who can go that extra mile and make you smile.

We were founded in 1978 and work for some of the world’s leading brands. It’s our belief that anything is possible if we are willing to work for it. The customer experience environment is fast moving and constantly changing. We are seeking people to help us embrace these changes and provide our clients and customers with outstanding service.

We’re opportunity makers, we will encourage you to be yourself in our fast-moving, fast-growing contact centre business. Our customers want to hear from people with personality who will go that extra mile. Bring us your experience and enthusiasm and you’ll get the training, support and opportunities you deserve.

Join us, and together we’ll take a stand against the bland. Against boring, robotic conversations. Let’s ditch the script and rip up the routine and instead let’s embrace personality and variety, and celebrate everything we are.

Let’s go that extra mile for humanity

Jobs at Teleperformance

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Teleperformance has no current jobs available.
Teleperformance has no current jobs available.


  • 2, Cadogan Square,
  • 15 Blythswood St
  • Glasogow
  • Glasgow
  • G2 7AJ

Phone Number:

0800 100180

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