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Dee's Story

After studying at St Andrews University, Dee went on to gain a Doctorate in Social Anthropology from Queen’s University Belfast. While in Belfast Dee also learnt how to carry a full tray of Murphy’s stout glasses through a busy bar, which she is especially proud of!



Dee spent a year in the East Neuk of Fife as part of her PhD, living in the fishing community of Cellardyke, studying fishermen’s wives. She learnt about the contribution made by the herring lassies in the early twentieth century. These were brave independent women!

Dee worked for many years in qualitative market research, including three years based in New York. She loved the city, not least for the live music she enjoyed there, from Greenwich Village jazz bars to Latin dance clubs.

Gdansk Museum


Travel has always been a huge part of Dee’s life – personal highlights include driving through New Mexico and its pueblos on her honeymoon, visiting Gdańsk’s historic shipyards, and travelling round Cuba with her husband and teenage son, soaking up the sheer expertise of musicians seemingly on every corner.

Dee is still fascinated by people and their stories, and has found her Storyteller role in Evenbreak an ideal opportunity to make good use of her ethnographic and writing skills.