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Airwave Motorola Solutions

At Airwave Motorola Solutions, we create technologies our customers refer to as their lifeline.  Our technology platforms in communications, software, video and services help our customers work safely and more efficiently.  Whether it’s helping firefighters see through smoke, enabling police officers to see around street corners, or reliably keeping the lights on in homes and businesses around the world, our work supports those who put their lives on the line to keep us safe.  Bring your passion, potential and talents to Airwave Motorola Solutions, and help us usher in a new era in public safety and security.

We have a people first philosophy which encourages all employees to contribute to their fullest potential. We understand and embrace the belief that our differences are what makes us a team – challenging us, pushing boundaries and encouraging new ways of thinking. We actively seek globally diverse individuals, opinions, cultures and abilities to expand our talent pool and drive innovation.