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The charm of our towns and villages in Europe lies in the millions of independent retailers. To keep small businesses at the heart of our cities, Ankorstore has created an ecosystem that allows shops and independent brands to grow on a global scale.


●      Founded: July 2019

●      Rapidly growing: 400 people

●      12 500 independent brands on Ankorstore platform (always increasing!)

●      170 000 retailers on Ankorstore platform

●      Present across + 23 countries in Europe

Independent shops, concept stores, florists, coffee-shops… the retail trade can only compete with the giants of e-commerce and mass distribution if it offers attractive and differentiating products that will win the loyalty of its customers.

Ankorstore is changing the way independent wholesalers do business.

Independent businesses support local economies, not corporations. They employ an ecosystem ofcreative people. They value curation and craftsmanship over mass market deals. They do what they can to make it all work, and they do a great job of it.

With over a decade of experience in online retail, the Ankorstore founding team knew the time tojump in and build a global wholesale business to even the playing field was now. By founding Ankorstore in 2019, they set themselves the goal to create a virtuous ecosystem solely at the service of independent shops and niche brands by revolutionizing the approach to wholesale.

Ankorstore is many things: A marketplace to find inventory, a collection of business and salestools, an ever growing selection of curated brands, and a thriving community which benefits retailers and brands equally.


To be a catalyst that drives the evolution of independent retail.

Much more than a simple wholesaler, Ankorstore is a global marketplace dedicated exclusively to small businesses and brands, equipped with cutting-edge technology and a cutting-edge catalogue where youcan filter products per category such as

food, home interior, fashion, cosmetics, etc. It is a business community that brings together retailers, brands,financial tools, logistics management and Customer Relationship Management tools.


Promote the development and growth of local and authentic retailers and help European brands expand their customer base.


A world where independent retail businesses and brands thrive and compete on a global scale.

Ankorstore is leveling the playing field by providing independent retailers with the same opportunities as large corporations by equipping them with powerful technology and tools.

Over the past two years Ankorstore, the innovative curated marketplace, has launched a new ecosystem by creating a previously non-existent digital relationship between independent retailers and brands, and givesthese two players the means to develop economically.

How? By becoming the driving force behind timely connections that benefit both the development of brandsand that of retail businesses. Independent retailers can rethink their business model quickly by regularly renewing their product offering and optimizing the search for new suppliers from a catalogue of 120,000 brands, as well as minimizing their financial commitments thanks to a minimum order of 100 euros and payment facilities such as a 60-day payment option. Brands gain international visibility and grow through access to a European portfolio of new retailers. In addition they can increase their stock’s turnover and benefit from immediate payment for their order by Ankorstore upon delivery without having to make cash advances.

“Independent stores need financial support and flexible tools to quickly scale up their offering. Ankorstore supports retailers to help them tightly control their cash flow, be more responsive andoptimize their inventory management."

Nicolas D’Audiffret - CEO of Ankorstore

Europe’s fastest growing B2B marketplace

Ankorstore, part of the renowned FrenchTech 120, has asserted itself as an innovative growth lever for the retail sector with three fundraising events in just two years: 6 million euros inDecember 2019, 25 million in December 2020 and 84 million in May 2021.

Investment funds such as Aglaé, Tiger Global, Bain Capital Ventures or even Index Ventures see Ankorstoreas a player in a sector with high potential: 3 million independent shops in Europe which can generate a business volume estimated at 170 billion euros.

Ankorstore levels the playing field considering the dominance of mass retail and an e-commerce system that rewards big brands and big retail. Offering the kind of functionality associated with the best consumer e-commerce platforms, Ankorstore addresses long standing frustrations, as well as Covid-related challenges.

“The COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated the resilience of our model. Despite the closure of most stores in Europe, we continue to grow. After only two years, we are operating in twenty three markets. The majority of our income is generated outside of France. We will expand to Italy and Spain to better serve our customers. Brands and independent retailers understand our mission to help them offer an alternative to themassification and standardization imposed by e-commerce giants.”

Nicolas Cohen - co-founder of Ankorstore

“In the current retail climate, there have been many measures to close non-essential shops, which have left independent stores in need of flexible financing and tools to quickly adapt their offering. Ankorstore stood by our retailers through lockdowns to help them closely control their cash flow, be more responsive, and manage their stock as precisely as possible.”

Nicolas D'Audiffret, co-founder of Ankorstore

Ankorstore: a European success story

In less than 1,5 years, Ankorstore is present in 23+ countries across Europe and has local offices in France,Germany, United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Ankorstore is a partner to more than 100,000 retailers, florists, coffee-shops and other concept-stores across Europe - seeking authentic products and brands that e-commerce giants such as Amazon do not offer. The Ankorstore marketplace offers a product catalogue of over 9,000 European brands to retailers who want to offer their customers a differentiated shopping experience and new products. Ankorstore’s activity acrossEurope tripled in the first four months of 2021, despite half of Ankorstore's affiliated retailers closing their doors during lockdowns.

This commercial dynamism is explained by the tools put in place by Ankorstore to support retailers and independent brands.

●  60-day payment terms that facilitate the renewal of stocks when stores reopen at favorable conditions.

●  Minimized risk for retailers with a minimum first order of € 100 per brand, unlike the minimums usually imposed in a commercial relationship outside the platform.

●  Simplification of ordering with the possibility of placing only one grouped order with several brands.


Top brands per category

What is an ‘Ankorstore brand’?

Authentic, curated brands across categories like Food and Beverage, Home, Beauty, Kids, Fashion


How Ankorstore helps brands

●  Get discovered, quickly and easily

●  Identify trends and react immediately

●  Cover more retailers with less effort

●  Use a unified logistics platform

●  Online store is fast to set up with ongoing support from Ankorstore

●  Great by association: high standards for brands


How Ankorstore helps retailers

●  Quickly and easily discover new brands

●  See trends and react immediately

●  Connect to brands with less effort

●  Buy unique, fresh, curated inventory

●  Go beyond in person trade shows for constant exposure to brands outside your country

Who founded Ankorstore? Four experienced e-commerce entrepreneurs

Pierre-Louis Lacoste

Pierre-Louis oversees all Sales, Brand and Marketing activities at Ankorstore. Before co-founding Ankorstore, Pierre-Louis Lacoste was country manager at Etsy, a New York-born artisan marketplace. Previously, he was an executive in the consumer goods industry. In 2006, he joined the Jean Vier company in Los Angeles, where he successfully opened the brand's first concept store in the United States. He then joined the Coalision company in 2009, where he worked for more than seven years in strategic positions. After havingbeenExecutive Coordinator with the Global President at the Montreal headquarters and then Institutional and Web Director, he was Vice-President Europe of the Lolë brand until 2015. Pierre-Louis holds a degree froml’EFAP, one of the most prestigious communication schools in France.

Nicolas d’Audiffret

Nicolas, CEO of Ankorstore, constantly oversees Ankorstore's financial planning, is in relation with major investment groups and successfully managed 3 funding rounds of a total of 115 Euros with the most renowned investment funds worldwide in less than 1,5 years. Nicolas is also a member of the Ankorstore board of directors.

Nicolas has 10 years experience as an entrepreneur. Before co-founding in 2012 “A little Market”, the first French marketplace which allowed “small creators” to sell their creations to as many people as possible,Nicolas worked at the American management consulting firm consulting Bain & Company. In 2014, the company was acquired by Etsy, an American e-commerce company. Nicolas became its Director until 2019, when he decided to co-found Ankorstore with the mission to help local retailers connect with independent brands across Europe. Nicolas studied at ESCP, one of the most prestigious and selective business schools in France.

Nicolas Cohen

Nicolas Cohen, who started his career as an engineer at Renault, met Nicolas D’Audiffret in London in 2009 and they decided to create the marketplace ‘A Little Market’, which aimed to reduce intermediaries by putting French designers and artisans in contact with their potential clients. In 2014, Etsy purchased ‘A LittleMarket’, and Nicolas Cohen decided to continue to run the company until 2018. Nicolas studied at ENSAM,one of the most prestigious engineering schools in France, and holds a degree at HEC Entrepreneur, oneof the most prestigious business schools worldwide.

Mathieu Alengrin

The fourth co-founder of Ankforstore also has a platform background. Mathieu was the former engineer of “Vestiaire Collective” , a marketplace where you can buy pre-owned fashion for major discounts off original retail price. Mathieu holds a degree from Supinfo, one of the most prestigious schools of IT professionals in France.