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Be Bold, be British, be Creative

At the BBC, we strive to produce and nurture the very best of British creativity. Always seeking to build and improve our brands, our audiences and reputation not just in the UK, but around the world. We want to play our part in making history, championing the best of creative, innovative and British content, whether through investment, commercialisation or by creating it ourselves.

We are a global company of scale, encouraging ideas from imaginative writers, funding visionary directors to bring those ideas to life through 7 production companies within the UK and partners in 9 other countries around the world. We work with award winning content creators to bring you over 2,500 hours of quality entertainment every year.

BBC Studios

BBC Studios encompasses both the main production arm of the BBC, as well as our commercial arm. Together we can lead the way in creative storytelling, exciting entertainment and fascinating documentaries, while generating millions of pounds each year in revenue to allow us to always be at the forefront of content creation.

We strive to be able to fund, create, distribute and commercialise the best quality content across the BBC and other companies, both in the UK and internationally. We have the talent and expertise across every major media market, to take ideas from award winning creators seamlessly from thought to screen.

We are a committed partner to the UK’s thriving independent production community, as well as other broadcasters and digital platforms, delivering content that showcases the best of British talent, stamped with the hallmark of quality.

BBC Studios is a place for the creative, the passionate and the commercially savvy. We work with world renowned brands and formats, and produce internationally acclaimed shows. The opportunities are simply unmissable.

See more about all of the fabulous British talent and programming we bring to the world by watching this short video.


Why work for the BBC?

Working at the BBC means being a part of something special.   We offer a diverse and inclusive working environment, where we trust you to work autonomously, with support available at every level to build and direct your career to achieve your ultimate goals. We will give you the opportunity to deliver ground breaking, game changing work from your own unique perspective, providing the tools and training necessary to inspire your best work.

Our inspiring leaders offer a clear vision and direction, instilling pride in our employees that comes from being part of one of the world’s most recognizable and respected companies. You can have confidence in knowing that the work we do is serving the public good, whilst making your mark on a global scale.

Health and Wellbeing

We want to be sure that everyone is healthy and happy at work, so we have a range of programs and initiatives to look after your wellbeing.

•Our Unmind platform offers a range of tools and techniques to help overcome challenges and stay well in body and mind during these challenging times

•We give you access to a remote GP service, for those times when you might feel a little under the weather

•We offer disability and access services, in case you need any adjustments to work more comfortably

•Access to mental health services and counselling to help you through troubling or traumatic events

Flexible Working

We understand that in the modern world it is not always appropriate or convenient to work on an old fashioned 9 to 5 basis. Family commitments, health conditions or even travel concerns mean that many people are more comfortable and more productive with flexible working hours. We are happy to say that we will discuss any requests for flexible working options at the offer stage, and as long as your direct manager is comfortable with the request, you are free to work the way you want, to give you the opportunity to produce your best work. Whether it’s working compressed hours, different hours during term time or working from home, we are happy to consider all options to give you the most comfortable working experience possible.