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Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

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Enriching Lives, Driving Growth

DCMS is helping to make Britain the world’s most creative, digital and engaged nation - an exciting place to live, visit and do business. Our work supports strong and resilient communities. It is about creating a world-leading digital economy, promoting the UK’s cultural, sporting and artistic heritage and building a bigger, stronger civil society. Wherever people live and whatever their background, we want their life to be enriched by what we (and the sectors we support) do.

Our sectors are important not only for their economic contribution and growth; they are critical to creating a global UK, an essential partner for trade and investment. And they enrich lives and connect us.  We are there in the big moments of national life that bring us together – cheering on our athletes to gold, the silent reflection of Remembrance Sunday - and in the community spirit of local charity volunteers. We are promoting the UK as the best place for digital investment and innovation, and as the safest place to be online and to start and grow a digital business. From the Arts Council to UK Sport, the DCMS family reaches across the country and into every community.

Our people are not your stereotypical civil servant. They are inspired by and drawn from the creative, cultural and technology sectors. We are diverse and welcoming. We embrace fresh-thinking and ideas. And we hope you will make your career with us.


We are looking for individuals with fresh ideas and different perspectives to join us in locations across the UK. Interested?

DCMS Recruitment Locations - London, Manchester, Darlington, Belfast and Loughborough

The Ability Network

The Ability Network is open for all employees at DCMS and offers a safe environment to discuss and learn about different abilities and health conditions.

It’s a support network for all colleagues – whether you have a disability, line manage someone with a disability, or would just like to learn from the perspectives of people with differing abilities.

All Staff Networks at DCMS are high regarded and are consulted on all Diversity & Inclusion related policy and strategy. They make a difference.

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Celebrating and support Neurodiversity at DCMS 

It is estimated that around 1 in 7 people are neurodivergent, meaning that their brain functions, learns and processes information differently. Organisations that embrace neurodiversity can gain competitive advantage in many areas — productivity, innovation, culture and talent retention.

We spoke with Claudia at DCMS, who has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), about her experience in the workplace as a neurodivergent and the mechanisms she has in place to manage a working lifestyle that fits her needs.

The office can sometimes be overstimulating and overwhelming for people with ADHD. DCMS’s hybrid working policy of two days a week in the office enables Claudia to have the balance of working from home, and choose her days in the office for when she has fewer meetings or doesn’t have tasks that she needs a silent environment for. She also has a flexible working pattern that suits her needs, opting to start earlier and take more frequent breaks throughout the day. DCMS have also provided noise-cancelling headphones for the office and have dedicated quiet zones to support employees who may find the office, particularly after two years of working from home, overstimulating.

Claudia has found her team and her manager to be very supportive and accommodating. She often has walking phone calls with colleagues, as opposed to video calls, because the routine of being stuck at a desk can be difficult. Her manager will follow up on meetings with clear, written instructions, as processing them verbally can be challenging. DCMS is the first workplace that Claudia has felt comfortable disclosing her neurodiversity and credits the understanding and empathetic senior leaders for this. In her first meeting with her Director, they disclosed their disability and how it affects their ways of working - demonstrating the culture of openness and encouragement to be your authentic self at work.

DCMS celebrates the experiences of neurodiverse colleagues to create awareness across the department - the Ability staff network is a brilliant community internally that supports neurodivergent colleagues and the peers and line managers of neurodivergent individuals.  DCMS provides the mechanisms to ensure neurodiverse colleagues feel supported, able to be their authentic self at work and able to thrive in their role.



The importance of Reasonable Adjustments

Reasonable Adjustments throughout the recruitment process are vital to ensure those who identify as having a disability are offered a level playing field and given the opportunity to perform at their best.

At DCMS, the opportunity to request reasonable adjustments is highlighted in all job vacancy adverts and are offered to support candidates with any online tests, written applications and at the interview stage.

Examples of reasonable adjustments DCMS have provided candidates recently include: extra time for online tests, a scribe to support with applications, a sign language interpreter for a video interview and providing interview questions to candidates shortly in advance of their interview. DCMS will work collaboratively with candidates to ensure the utmost support is provided.

In addition to reasonable adjustments, DCMS, and the rest of the Civil Service, operate the ‘Disability Confident Scheme’ (DCS). The DCS offers candidates, who provide evidence within their application which demonstrates that they meet the minimum criteria and meet all of the qualifications, skills or experience defined as essential, a guaranteed interview. At interview stage, the successful candidate is appointed on merit, but the benefit of the scheme is that it provides candidates who identify as having a disability the opportunity to secure an interview.

DCMS values diversity of thought, experience and background.




Hybrid Working at DCMS

DCMS have always been a department that embraces flexible working, and, during the COVID-19 pandemic, they adapted efficiently and effectively to remote working. 

DCMS have in place a hybrid working policy to combine the benefits of working in the office and remote working. This is available for all DCMS staff at every grade in the department. 

The hybrid working policy at DCMS is for staff to work 2 days a week from their contracted DCMS office location and the rest of the week from home. Though staff who prefer an office environment will be able to work from the office more regularly if desired.

This hybrid working model enables staff at DCMS to balance the freedom to choose how they work, with the responsibility to meet the business needs. It provides a working environment suitable for all and will enable the department to continue to diversify their workforce, hopefully widening the geographical reach too.

To ensure hybrid working is a sustained success there has been investment in technology to ensure, whether people are at home or in the office, they are able to connect and collaborate effectively. There has also been a focus on the wellbeing and inclusion of all staff members to ensure they feel safe and supported as DCMS move to a hybrid model.


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