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High Speed 2

HS2 is a state-of-the-art, high-speed line critical for the UK’s low carbon transport future. It will provide much-needed rail capacity across the country, and is integral to rail projects in the North and Midlands – helping rebalance the UK economy.


Whatever your experience or expertise, HS2 is an outstanding place to start or develop your career. You can help us provide much-needed rail capacity and connectivity across the country and rebalance the UK economy.

We embed equality, diversity and inclusion into all our activities. Minimising the potential for discrimination, harassment and bullying and seeking out opportunities to promote inclusive development.


At HS2 we utilise the Clear Talents tool in our recruitment process. This allows you to tell us about the adjustments you need at the point in the recruitment process you need them. 

A Clear Talents link is sent to each job applicant. When you complete your profile it will generate a report which allows us to make relevant adjustments should you need them. 

HS2 is committed to ensuring every applicant can demonstrate their skills and abilities at their best.

When filling out your application form for HS2 roles your leadership competencies and values are just as important as your technical skills. 

If you are invited to interview you will meet with a panel of three HS2 employees including the line manager, a representative from HR and a third individual, potentially from outside the team or function. A diverse interview panel helps us to consider candidates from a broader range of perspectives and this makes our roles more accessible and our decisions better. 

Our interviews are designed to measure behaviours, skills, knowledge and experience. If you’re selected for an interview, consider how your experience demonstrates your ability to do the job. It’s likely we’ll also ask you about the HS2 project, our Leadership framework and our corporate values.

For more information on the support available to you. Please visit our careers website:

Maria’s Story

Maria Grazia Zedda

Maria was attracted to HS2 as she has experienced first-hand how London centric the economy can be.

“By creating new, faster, frequent and more reliable services, HS2 is creating jobs and opportunities across the country so that we’re a more ‘United’ Kingdom and I’m privileged to be part of this in a small way.”

Being severely to profoundly deaf Maria uses hearing aids and is passionate about inclusion. 

“Growing up I was expected to cope in a world designed for hearing people. This personal need to feel included motivates me to ensure others are included too, regardless of walks of life, culture, disability, gender or age.”

Maria’s email signature reminds people to use text, email or FaceTime (Maria lip reads) instead of audio on phone calls. During conference calls Maria uses a captioning service which provides live subtitles almost immediately on her phone or laptop. As a mum of 2 teenage girls the ability to work flexibly to be able to juggle school and doctors’ appointments is also important.

A personal understanding of how a deaf and disabled employee can be included in the workplace motivates Maria to share this information and help make sure HS2 is inclusive in the way we recruit, retain and assess our people. 

“Our Employee Networks are great for helping people feel included at work. We have a Veteran’s network, a disabled employee network, a Gender Balance and an LGBT Network as well as a new Cultural and BAME inclusion network and all of them do fantastic work.”

As part of HS2’s equality, diversity and inclusion team one of Maria’s responsibilities is looking after the Reverse Mentoring project, which sees all the members of our Senior Leadership Team (66 of them) being mentored by a non-senior or more junior employee.

“Our CEO is reverse-mentored by one of our young apprentices! People are matched so that they work with someone who is not part of their function, often they’re from different backgrounds, genders and experiences so that they can benefit from each other’s feedback and are exposed to other ways of working. This helps our people feel more connected with each other and the business.”


Julie’s Story

Meet Julie Venn-Morton Skills Manager at HS2 (High Speed Two) Ltd, our 2019/20 Leadership Award winner, her project enabled HS2 to win an ENEI award with the project Women into Construction – a fantastic project which saw all 15 women participants gain their Health & Safety Level 1 accreditation and eight of them secured gainful employment 6 weeks into the programme.

In addition to this, Julie is an incredibly active member of our disability network 2Gether and regularly helps with articles and co-delivering training informing all our workforce on disability issues and how to ally.

Hear from her what it’s like to work at HS2, and I hope that job candidates with diverse backgrounds will feel that #HS2andyou is not just a hashtag but a true insight of what kind of employer we are.


Rosamund’s Story

Rosamund (centre) among colleagues

“I have a rare genetic muscle wasting disease called Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy that affects my legs and hips. That’s why I have a stick sometimes and have an unusual walk.”

That’s not really how I introduce myself; it’s what plays in my head when I get inquisitive looks from people who I am meeting for the first time or people that haven’t seen me for a long time. It’s a small world and the bouncy woman they used to know on the London 2012 programme has lost her bounce. My bounce became virtually extinct as I joined the HS2 programme and I am still here nearly four years later.

I used to make an excuse about my unusual walking gait… an old injury playing up… a horse fall… I now try and be brave. If people make a comment or ask, I tell them. Some people handle my reply well, others can’t either wait to get away, change the subject or offer advice on treatments and possible cures.

It’s uncomfortable, it’s not their normal but it’s mine, and it’s taken me some time to come to terms with that.  It’s not just the condition you have to manage at work and at home, it’s the reactions to it as well.  That can be as hard as the condition itself. You already feel different, you are already worrying about whether you can make a meaningful contribution to work.

Will you keep your job... can you pay your bills… will you ever be taken seriously again or will you be pitied?

My journey to raising awareness started by announcement through a group email during the summer of 2019. This was not any old group email. This was the supply chain Joint Venture leaders; that’s all the big guns that lead our supply chain on the biggest project in Europe. We had been on a site tour together and I decided the safest thing and right thing to do was to take my stick. I got some looks and a few comments; the usual.

These guys, and they are all guys by the way. I am only often one of two or possibly three women and I am now the disabled one amongst them. These guys are potentially future employers for me! What a crazy idea, why didn’t I stick with the horse fall excuse?

I decided that if HS2 could be as supportive as they are then I want to encourage through sharing my circumstances that my supply chain can do the same. They didn’t disappoint, I had many supportive comments and I do not feel any of them have treated me any differently since that day.

I didn’t stop there, I wanted to share my story with my fellow employees and featured in our interchange and through that I have made some good connections and support networks.

The EDI team helped me achieve that… whilst it was brave to tell the guys I mentioned above...I only saw them once or twice a month. I see my work colleagues nearly every day.

Way more personal.

There are other major projects too and whilst daunted at visiting Hinckley Point and taking part in a site tour I was determined to do it and to openly talk about my condition. I received a warm welcome, an arm for support and we had a fantastic tour together. 

HS2 is currently expanding its workforce. If you fancy working for an organisation as inclusive and welcoming as HS2, have a look at their vacancies here!