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Diverse group of people

Our work makes a difference. This is achieved by collecting the money that pays for the UK public services and by helping families and individuals by providing targeted financial support where required.
We can only achieve our purpose through the skill, dedication and professionalism of our people. You deserve to feel valued, rewarded and connected to the work you do. Through our People Strategy, we’re committed to making HMRC an inclusive environment that is a better place to work for everyone.

We’re not all Tax Professionals either. We have over 20 various professions, attracting a diverse workforce including Digital Specialists, Data Analysts, Policy Makers and Government Communicators.

Whether you want to map out your career progression and aim even higher, manage your own wellbeing better, or work in a positive and inclusive environment, we are here to support you.

We’re dedicated to investing in you every step of the way, so if you’re looking to get ahead, join us and see how you can make a difference.


Our stories

Ann-Marie’s story 


I have received multiple diagnosis including chronic pain syndrome fibromyalgia, and osteoarthritis, which makes my work life challenging. Fibromyalgia affects my nerves and can cause me pain sporadically.

I thought that I would have to put my career on hold, but the help and support I have received has meant from starting with HMRC in 2015 to now I have moved up 4 grades, something I didn’t think would be possible.

My experience of my workplace has been fantastic. I have a workplace adjustment passport where I’m able to document my needs, and this follows me throughout my career regardless of if I change managers.

I am provided with a raised desk, special chair, keyboard and mouse and the option to work flexibly from home. Occasionally taxis into work are also offered in times where I am unable to drive, and I don’t want the isolation of working from home.

I do still have challenges due to flare ups in my health which happen with the nature of the illness. However, when these do occur, I work with my manager and colleagues, who understand my conditions to ensure the right adjustments are put in place, allowing me to complete my work or when needed take time to rest.

My jobs before HMRC have been very stressful because the help wasn’t there but at HMRC you get help and support with everything.

If your disability is holding you back from applying for a job at HMRC, don’t let it. There’s plenty of opportunities and support available to help you and your career.

Ruth’s Story 


Ruth joined our Tax Specialist programme in 2019 as a visually-impaired trainee. 

Find out more about Ruth’s experience on the programme here.





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Further information

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