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We Are Inmarsat.

Inmarsat has been at the forefront of global mobile satellite communications for over forty years and is the market leading provider of voice and high-speed data communications for users on land, at sea and in the air through its constellation of 14 geostationary satellites. Inmarsat is a privately owned company with a profitable track record and significant growth aspirations. This is represented by more than 55 nationalities in the workforce, reflecting the global and dynamic nature of the business. With an investment of over $3 billion in its latest network infrastructure, Inmarsat is at the forefront of global mobile communications innovation.

We are pleased to be advertising our job vacancies through ‘evenbreak’ as we value talent from all backgrounds and are excited to continue our journey to attract and recruit a more diverse workforce. At Inmarsat we believe that diversity fosters creativity and accelerates innovation, and we want every person who joins us to realise their full potential.

Our Culture/ Life at Inmarsat

Diversity & Inclusion:

At Inmarsat, we are committed to creating a workplace that is increasingly diverse and inclusive and we are immensely proud of our diversity, which reflects the global communities we serve. Inmarsat thrives on the diversity and variety of our most important asset – our people. We see strength in teams that have diversity of thought and skills as we recognise that our people power our business and consequently make us stronger. As we seek to connect customers to a better future all over the world, people are the key to our success. We ensure that should anyone wish to come into the London office to work, that they have the access available to them to do so – our offices are therefore wheelchair friendly.

Employee Networks: We currently have three well established employee networks: The WIN network, The LGBTQ+ Network and the EDEN network for our BAME community. Such networks, which are open to all, rely on employee interest, drive and passion to work well and require active allies and supporters to create change. We are transparent about the fact that we are still on a journey to diversify our workforce, and therefore the creation of new employee networks are currently underway. A Parent/Carers network will be introduced shortly, and we hope to launch further networks in the months to come.

Global Flexible Working Policy: Inmarsat recognises that patterns of working have evolved and that flexible working patterns can help you to gain an appropriate work life balance. Our global flexible working policy aims to support individuals in finding a work life balance that suits them. Moreover, as most of our people are still working remotely, we have put in place a policy to provide financial assistance with home working equipment. Visit our website to view the full detailed policy.

Global Volunteering Policy: We actively encourage individuals to give back to the communities in which we live and work. As a result, every permanent Inmarsat employee can take up to a maximum of 3 working days of paid leave per calendar year for volunteering.

Gender Pay: Inmarsat is fully supportive of the drive to be more open and transparent about gender pay and the actions and activities we have undertaken to support this drive. Data from our 2020 gender pay gap report indicated a reduction of the gender pay gap in most metrics, confirming that our initiatives and efforts are on the right track. Although we are pleased with the progress, we recognise that closing our gap will take time, and we remain determined and committed to achieving this.

Employee Health & Wellbeing

At Inmarsat, we recognise that our employees play a vital role in ensuring the success of our business. As a result, we embrace a culture whereby individuals are encouraged to maintain a work life balance, to take care of their health and wellbeing and are often rewarded for exceeding company expectations. At Inmarsat, we go above and beyond. From creating benefits packages tailored to the individual to allowing an extra day off to celebrate your birthday, it is these small acts that make us stand out from other employers and those that will make you pleased to have chosen us.

Health Benefits: The physical health of our employees is paramount to us. We offer private medical and dental insurance to all our employees. This allows members to reclaim the cost of most of their dental treatment by paying regular monthly instalments for cover and if you opt in for private medical insurance, the costs for this benefit is deducted from net pay. Also, as a member of the Private Medical Insurance (PMI) scheme, you can save up to 25% on membership at a range of top UK health clubs.

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP): This is a voluntary and completely confidential service provided to employees and their eligible family members to help meet the challenges of life. An EAP is a valuable resource that can help identify and resolve many workplace, family, social, economic, and mental health concerns. Our EAP can have a positive impact on the work environment and the well-being of employees and families. Regardless of whether you contact the EAP on your own or if a supervisor recommends the EAP, all services are completely confidential and free of charge.

Wellbeing Newsletter & Hub: The launch of our wellbeing newsletter and hub involved introducing new communications channels and used existing channels to send out regular communications to our people, setting out the support on offer, virtual learnings and staying connected. We created a dedicated wellbeing hub with resources to help all types of wellbeing – emotional, physical and financial. Increased engagement with our people ensured we understood their needs and were able to respond to them.

Galaxy Plus Portal: Within this portal, employees can discover a wide variety of perks including discounts for popular restaurants, retailers and supermarkets. This portal also provides employees with free access to an array of wellbeing and fitness course videos.

Social ISA: At Inmarsat, we offer our people the chance to enroll on our social ISA scheme. This enables employees to access great discounts to live events and many other social activities – this scheme has received great feedback from employees throughout the business and we hope to continue this perk in a post pandemic climate.

Why Choose Inmarsat:

Respect. Accountability. Excellence

We are driven by a sense of purpose – the desire to make a difference for our customers – rooted in what we can achieve for the good of society. We believe in actively creating an inspiring culture, underpinned by a core set of values (Accountability, respect and excellence) that guide and shape the way we work, behave and respect each other. It must be appreciated that without respect for each other and our unique talents and backgrounds, excellence will be an impossible feat, therefore, diversifying our workforce is simply essential for our business to thrive.

Our High-Performance Culture

At Inmarsat, we have introduced a ‘High Performance culture’ that we aim to incorporate into our daily working lives. This culture explores a variety of concepts, one of which is called ‘the mood lift’. We believe that by recognising where we sit on the mood scale, we can make a conscious effort to ensure that our mood doesn’t affect those around us and that we can be the most productive at work. We know that life sometimes gets in the way, and it would be unrealistic to expect that our people’s personal lives do not sometimes affect their ability to work, but what we do believe is that by engraining this culture into our people, we can all slowly embrace and appreciate some affective strategies to reduce this inevitability.

Supporting our People

We encourage everyone to take responsibility for their career development, whether that is in their current role or to prepare them for future roles. Everyone is given the space to dedicate time to their own learning and are encouraged to challenge leaders and managers to support these aspirations. Our internal Learning and Development hub enables employees to develop new and build upon existing skills and knowledge. We support our employees and encourage continual learning through a range of options across multiple mediums. Under the apprenticeship levy, we have employees at all levels within the organisation gaining professional accreditations. We have a leadership framework that we continue to embed, and we are striving to ensure that talent is grown within the organisation.

Our performance cycle creates an environment for managers to dedicate time and thought to individuals in their team to discuss achievements, next steps and progress towards goals and objectives. It also enables individuals to reflect on their successes, strengths and development to ensure they are the best they can be.

Applying to Inmarsat

If any of our job vacancies interest you, please apply to Inmarsat and ensure that you present to us your most true and authentic self. We believe that to maintain positive relationships with our employees, it is imperative that we provide personalised and unique support to each employee throughout their journey with us. To fulfil this duty, we want our employees to be open and honest with us about their Inmarsat experience and to provide feedback, whether that be positive or negative. We want to make work, work for everyone.

Guidance & Processes:

Recruitment process:

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Business Disability Forum member

Cathy's Story

Cathy Selby is a Team Assistant within Financial Accounting & Analysis based in St John's, Newfoundland Canada. She was forced to face her hidden disability early last year. She recently spoke candidly about living with her illness and the fantastic support she’s experienced from her managers here at Inmarsat.

Cathy suffers from chronic migraines, she has done so for many years, but she’s not talked about it openly until recently.

In the ’90s, she had a successful career in the software industry that at the time was booming. Her then company was aware she suffered from migraines, she occasionally took time out to take medication or step away from her desk to mitigate the effects and they understood, they even installed a bed in a quiet place in the office for her to use when needed.

When she left there, she faced several difficult years, she moved a lot, lived in Toronto, Vancouver and Ontario and she struggled to openly share her illness due to the negativity that it caused. She believes it held her back in her career and University education.

Whilst at a leading global audit firm she talks about experiencing zero tolerance, a vast difference from the external messaging they portrayed on inclusivity and diversity.  She was told, "You just can’t handle stress". Her illness was never treated as a disability.

Having spent 6 years as a child in special education (due to not being able to speak) she once again had to dig deep to find her resilience and determination to keep going.

She stopped telling people when she was suffering from a migraine attack instead saying she had ‘women’s issues’ because it meant she gained acceptance and no questions were asked. She just wanted to fit in.

When she joined Inmarsat in Sept 2018, she chose not to share her illness. Then in spring 2020, she was forced to accept her disability. COVID lockdown meant she couldn’t attend her acupuncture sessions to relieve her suffering. She endured 3 weeks of chronic migraines. Then one day she found herself in a catch up with her manager fed up, facing lockdown, her husband had lost his job and there was no prospect of promotion or pay rise. She just said, “I’m done”.

It was then she knew she’d hit the wall and she needed to seek help.

She talked to her doctor and over the following 4 months trialled various medications admitting finally that her illness was a disability.

Because of Inmarsat and her medical insurance, she was able to trial a monthly jab to help keep the migraines under control and the signs are positive. Whilst Cathy still suffers from her migraines, they are more controlled, and she can work through them.

And her Inmarsat Manager was and still is amazing. It shows the importance of how our people and our culture enables everyone to bring their entire self to work.

“Mark Skinner showed acceptance and respect. He made it easy for me to work.

Our conversations haven’t changed: he never changed how he viewed me or my work and that was important. I felt valued.”

Cathy believes Mark is representative of other managers at Inmarsat who have been open and supportive. Their focus is on doing the work and doing it well. Not on how many hours you are sat at your desk or need breaks. She is trusted to manage herself and her workload.

Aside from COVID forcing Cathy to face her disability, it also brought about global work pattern changes that Cathy welcomes. Having the opportunity to work from home enables those with disabilities, family commitments and actually everyone, to better juggle their commitments. Her team have planned a regular time to go into the office to enable face to face interaction and she has the option to go in more if she wants but most importantly, she is better able to manage the challenges that suffering chronic migraines bring.

Sadly, when asked what advice she would share with others in her position seeking roles she still would say “don’t tell anyone”. There are still too many prejudices held by some companies that she feels may hold a person back. “Nobody wants to deal with a difficulty and it’s tough to find a good role, so I’d say fake it till you make it”

So, what’s the difference at Inmarsat?

Cathy says it’s how we are managing the disability and inclusion conversation - we are genuine. We don’t make wild statements but instead acknowledge that we are on a journey and that we continue to be authentic with our words and our imagery to both internal and external audiences.


Cathy also is particularly keen to praise those managers that have always lived our values Ali Conway (VP Tax and Treasury), Mandy Hurley (Director Procure to Pay) and of course Mark Skinner (Director of Accounting Operations).