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NHS Digital

NHS Digital leads the digital revolution in the NHS.  We provide services which make it quicker, easier, and safer for patients, and our systems handle over 3,500 pieces of data every second.

Working at NHS Digital means you can make a real difference, in a supportive and professional environment.

Equality, diversity and inclusion is at the heart of what we do

One of the strongest features of the health and care system in this country is how equality, diversity and inclusion is at the heart of what we do – both in relation to our workforce and to the services that are provided for patients, clinicians and the wider public.

At NHS Digital our vision is for every one of our people to use their unique background and experience, together - to create outstanding technology and information for the health and care sectors. Moreover, as the national provider of data, information and technology to the health and care sectors, we have a role to play in ensuring that the systems and services we develop are accessible to the widest range of users.

Since 2016, we have embarked on a programme of work to deliver our vision for diversity and inclusion that goes beyond the requirements of the Equality Act 2010. We have made good progress however still have much more to do.

The delivery plan is focused on three strategic themes and outcomes.

A diverse workforce

We aim to create and maintain a diverse, representative workforce within NHS Digital and increase the pool of diverse employees across the health and care technology and data sectors.

Inclusive behaviours and leadership

We will create a working environment that values difference and fosters an inclusive workplace culture - a culture in which employees from all backgrounds can give their best, are treated fairly, are valued for their contributions, and can progress in their careers. Leaders and managers shall behave in a way that is fair and inclusive as they lead our staff, particularly during periods of organisational change. 

User equality

We will develop and provide digital and data services that are accessible and useable by the widest possible range of users, particularly for patient and public-facing services. We will ensure our public-sector duty is appropriately reflected in our communications, policies, programmes, processes and training.

As an organisation, we value and understand differences in our people and use it to innovate. 

Workforce objectives

  1. We will deliver appropriate learning and development to ensure that all NHS Digital staff develop a good level of equality and diversity awareness.
  2. We will work towards having no difference in the employment outcomes for NHS Digital staff or potential recruits because of protected characteristics.
  3. We will develop best practice in workforce equality and diversity by creating internal and external networks and supporting positive action initiatives.

Service objectives

  1. Guided by industry best practice, when we communicate with the public and service users, we will seek to deliver clearer, more representative, and more accessible information and guidance.
  2. We will establish a network of staff who will investigate the ways in which we can ensure that our products, policies and behaviours reflect the communities we serve and do not disadvantage or otherwise negatively impact the public and users of our services.
  3. As the trusted national provider of high-quality information and data about health and social care, we will improve our focus on protected characteristics in the information that we collect and share. By doing so, we will improve knowledge about the health of, and care experienced by, those with protected characteristics.