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RS Components

About RS Components

Founded in 1937, we are part of the £1.95 billion global distributor, Electrocomponents, serving as RS Components worldwide, and Allied Electronics & Automation in the Americas: United States, Canada, Mexico and Chile.

Our headquarters operate from Corby, United Kingdom, with another office situated in London, St Pancras.

We are a global organisation operating in 32 countries, shipping 60,000 parcels a day to over 1.2 million customers worldwide.

In 2020, the Nation Diversity Awards recognised us one of Top 50 Diverse Companies.



Our commitment to inclusion for all


At RS Components, becoming the first choice for all people is at the top of our agenda.

Inclusivity is important to us, and we are committed to ensuring our people are given equal opportunities regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, social background, religion or belief.

Our determination to create this change is reflected in our robust Diversity and Inclusion strategy, Destination 2025, which focuses on key priorities including Mental health, Disability & Financial, LGBTQ+, Gender & Race.

We want Inclusion to be at the heart of our business and woven into the fabric of every part of our organisation; however, we don’t believe in quick fixes and acknowledge that authentic change takes time.

As we continue in our mission, every effort is made to ensure our colleagues are respected, supported and listened to whilst given equal opportunities to progress, achieve and reach their full potential.

Every person should be confident to bring their authentic self to work and make amazing happen – regardless of who they are and where they have been.


Partnership with The Valuable 500

Valuable 500 logo

Electrocomponents are proud members of The Valuable 500, bringing together 300 global organisations who have joined and pledged to put disability on their business leadership agenda following the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting in January 2019.

Applying to us

As an equal opportunities’ employer, we are committed to accessibility and disability inclusion and treat all job applicants without prejudice.

When applying and interviewing with us, we greatly encourage anyone to discuss what needs, requirements and support are needed to effectively carry out the role. For example, accessibility requirements, flexible / home working, visual adaptions to your computer screen or changes in tools you may prefer to use. 

We will do everything in our power to support you with your application. If you need further support during this process, please inform your recruiter that adjustments are required.

Our disability response to Covid 19

In December 2020, the World Health Organisation (WHO) revealed that over one billion people live with a disability globally, which impacts 15% of the world's population, or 1 in 7 of us.

Further insights showed that people with disability had been disproportionately affected during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Throughout the pandemic, we are proud to have continued recruiting for global roles, however, we also acknowledged that individuals might need greater levels of support during this time. 

For the interview process, we greatly encourage anyone to let us know if adjustments are needed to empower you to bring your best self to the interview.

We also have an Employee Resource Group (ERG) to support our people who identify with a disability (visible and non-visible), cares for someone with a disability or wants to be an ally. Additionally, accessibility support is also provided to anyone who indicates that this is required. 

Our internal committee, LifeWorks, is available to all our people and is dedicated to supporting and being present to discussions around mental-ill health, physical disabilities and finance. 

We are also members of the Business Disability Forum and are a Disability Confident Employer.

Jessica Chu, Group Head of Diversity and Inclusion, said: 

"Over the past months during the Covid-19 pandemic, we have absolutely proven that people do not have to travel and be in an office to work but can successfully do it from home. This opens a whole new window for us on looking to employ those who may be house-bound, due to their disabilities. Being able to attract and employ talent from as wide a pool as possible ensures creativity and diversity, cornerstones of making amazing happen and of the successful and inspirational organisation we want to become."

Disability Confident Employer


Brian’s Story

“As a business, RS always look for ways to support our people with disabilities.”

Head and shoulders picture of Brian

“I have a progressive genetic disease that affects my hearing, which was first identified when I was at university. In 1986 and 1992, I had the initial hearing loss corrected through operations on both ears.

Subsequently, I joined RS Components in 2001, starting as Financial Manager and taking over as Managing Director in 2003.

Around 2004, I lost all hearing in my right ear as a result of a viral infection. At the same time, I also noticed a further deterioration in my left ear due to the disease, which resulted in a moderate to severe hearing loss in my left ear.

I have been fortunate enough to get hearing aids that support my hearing and RS, and my colleagues, were supportive during the time of my further hearing loss.

Keeping up to date with the latest hearing device technology has helped me function better and adaptions have been made by colleagues to help during meetings and other interactions. For example, everyone being fully supportive when I request to sit in a specific seat during meetings to help with my hearing.

As a business, RS always look for ways to support our people with disabilities. Recently, we purchased larger monitors for a colleague with a degenerative eye condition and provided support to a colleague with mobility issues.

RS's investment into video calling through Microsoft Teams during the pandemic and the flexible working environment have also been of great help to me, especially with the need for everyone to wear masks, which has a significant impact on my ability to engage with others.

The use of video conferencing has improved my communication with my team and colleagues across the globe. Before the pandemic, we could always use the telephone, but it was difficult for me to engage with colleagues without the ability to supplement my hearing with lip reading.

The introduction of Teams and a flexible working environment has improved my effectiveness significantly.”


Ben’s story

“My experience is that RS Components truly want to support their employees on their journey to success by providing an inclusive, open, honest, and safe working environment, which allows them to embrace individuals with a diversity of abilities and retain people.

At the beginning of December 2019, I joined RS Components as a User Experience Researcher.

After a few difficult years, mental health wise, I was looking for a clean break. I needed the opportunity to grow and work in a place where I could bring my true self to work.

When I interviewed with RS, I made it very clear that I needed flexibility to fulfil my carer responsibilities, and some adjustments to help manage my Dyslexia, mental health conditions (including anxiety and depression), and nerve pain issues.

I wanted to work for a company with management that would respect me and actively help improve my work-life balance, and general quality of life.

In my current role, I conduct research with customers, clients, suppliers and the general public to understand their context, and end to end experience of any engagement with RS’ products or services. Additionally, I analyse, run workshops, write up reports, and give presentations, all to ensure RS enacts changes that benefit the people who interact with us through its products and services.

From the first job interview, I felt able to be clear and open in discussing the level of support and flexibility I needed, despite it being a new experience for the team I was joining. Still, I wasn’t dismissed, and my manager and I agreed on a plan that worked for us both, which involved agreeing to take an evolving and flexible approach moving forward.

Once I joined the business, I started working from home (WFH) on a once a week basis, from my second week. The plan was to increase the number of days I WFH over time and as needed, but then Covid-19 hit, and suddenly, I was at home full time which was frankly something I’d been hoping to work towards eventually with my manager.

The challenge of having Long-Covid has meant that I’ve had frank conversations with the management team about what working looks like. For me, it means keeping a set of core hours as well as flexing my time around working, managing my fatigue and, at times, a very ill partner. The level of support I've received from RS and their willingness to adapt to these circumstances, however, has meant I’ve still been able to remain productive despite all that has happened.

As for most people, this year has taken a toll on my mental health, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how constant RS has been on its mental health messaging and general support.

There is a genuine desire for people to consider and make adaptions, and allowances, for people’s home situations and general mental wellbeing. It was also a surprise to find an active mental health first aider presence when I joined, knowing from unfortunate personal experience how valuable those skills can be.

Assistive technology-wise, RS has provided me with an Apple Mac and its built-in accessibility features that are enough for my needs. I've also been offered access to other assistive tech, like Dragon, but I felt I didn't need it in my role.

The occupational health team's active engagement throughout the transition to home working has also demonstrated the businesses emphasis on employee wellbeing. It’s not just words; colleagues have the new equipment to prove it.”

Carole’s Story



"Having had a bad experience with my previous employer, I was a bit nervous when I joined RS.

From my first day at RS, they have been a great employer regarding my disability and being a wheelchair user.

They also arranged my PEEP, so I can safely exit the office building safely in the event of a fire.

I have also found that any issues I report regarding accessibility around the office or in the car park are resolved quickly.

RS has also provided me with a laptop, so I can work from home when my condition is having one of its bad days."