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Account Executive

Posted: 7 May 2021 Closes: 6 Jun 2021
London, United Kingdom Competitive
Permanent & Full-time PBM_743999746042768

Company Description

"Our objective is effectiveness. Our strategy is creativity"

John Bartle (BBH's first strategist)

Why choose to be an Account Executive at BBH?

The key function of this role is to provide support to the Business Development team.

The Business Development Unit is in a unique position at BBH, you work across all departments every day and have real oversight of the full creative process in the building. Whether it's working with account teams to celebrate the launch of a new campaign, working with producers to create pitch mood films or working with design and creative teams to bring pitch work to life - you get a taste of it all.

In PR, you will help raise the fame of BBH by showcasing our creative work, strategic thinking, talent, and culture, both internally and externally.

You will also support the New Business team helping us to bring in new clients as well as being the go-to person within the team for those seeking new business materials within the agency.

And crucially, you'll be an important connector in the BBH network - a 'go-to' person who will help ensure we are working better, smarter and nicer with one another. You have a huge amount of direct access to the Leadership team at BBH in this role, allowing for great progression, connections and relationship building.

Job Description

What You'll Be Doing:

The role includes the following responsibilities:

Administration: Management of the day-to-day administration of the PR and New Business functions. Manage the files and be the meticulous keeper and guardian of these records. Ensure that all press coverage is saved in a timely manner. Schedule team meetings and record and report for such meetings. Coordinate, and where possible, populate the team status reports and documents. Be responsible for updating subscriptions and booking travel arrangements when necessary.

Website: Support the team by drafting and uploading content (work, news, and general updates) to the external BBH website, ensuring we have the latest and best work up there.

Internal Comms: Help the team to share news and work around the network.

Special projects: there are a number of special projects and events that occur during the year. It is the Account Exec's responsibility to help out whenever needed, perpetuating the BDU team approach to mucking in and getting things done together.

Ad-hoc requests: As the font of agency knowledge, we are the first port of call when it comes to locating materials such as work/case studies/creds/stats. You will help the team respond to requests from both local and global BBH offices.

News: Be knowledgeable of industry news relevant to BBH and our clients, and share this with the team.

Fun: This is important! We want to make sure that the team is having fun! Keep an eye out for cultural things we could be doing as a team.

Specific to PR

Press Cuttings: It is the PR team's responsibility to monitor, record and report BBH's presence in the media and on social networks. Reactive and proactive searches will be necessary to keep absolute tabs on where BBH is featured. Manage all of our press cuttings (find them, read them, save them and help pull together presentations when needed) and provide weekly updates for senior management. This is a crucial area of responsibility.

Journalists: Keep our 'little black book' up to date and establish a proper database by which to do so. You may be responsible for sending BBH PR materials out of the building, so building a relationship with our key contacts is essential.

Social Media: The PR team oversee all of BBH London's social media profiles, working closely with our Content Manager. You will be required to help out with these - drafting copy and readying assets.

Events: We plan and host a number of events throughout the year. You will be required to help with various tasks such as venue searching for external events, producing materials, keeping an eye on the budget, and generally making sure that everything runs smoothly on the day or night.

Specific to New Business

Assisting with RFIs: An RFI is a Request For Information (RFI) from a prospective New Business client. You will help in choosing which case studies and work should be used in the RFI response documents. You will be responsible for proofreading final drafts and coordinating sending it to print.

Case studies: Liaise with strategists to get new case studies created and keep existing case studies up to date. This includes our longer form case study write-ups and edits, as well as our one page "Zag Reports" and result slides.

Preparing for creds/chemistry meetings: A creds/chemistry meeting will be the first time a prospective client will meet the agency, so it is very important that we create the best impression. There will be key actions to be done before each meeting, including compiling info packs and competitor reviews, room dressing, and briefing the team.

Manage our online profiles: We have a number of agency online profiles which sit on the new business consultants' websites, which we need to keep up to date on an on-going basis.


What Skills We're After:

To be a safe pair of hands
To pay meticulous attention to detail
To make the systems work for you and to improve them wherever possible
To make it easy for the team to cover effectively for you in your absence
To be aware of the significance of the information you handle, and maintain strict confidentiality at all times
Proactively manage your time
Remain calm and clear headed under pressure

To gain knowledge and new skills:
To have an inherent interest in the business!
To gain an awareness of the market and our competitors
To make the team aware of anything that could enhance our performance To be keen to learn new skills
To cultivate relationships
To be regarded by everyone in the agency as a pleasure to work with
Always helpful, approachable and easy to deal with, respect the views of others
To build the trust and respect of the people you work with, including different teams in the agency and contacts within other BBH offices, regardless of position or seniority
Demonstrate honesty and integrity in thought and action at all times

Financial Management
To be familiar with the budget and its outgoings
To seek ways of reducing costs for the team

To have drive
Have a "can do" attitude
To bring energy and enthusiasm to everything we do, ensuring honesty and decency To be self- starting, proactive and able to deliver results without constant supervision To be an integral member of the team, working together to achieve common goals

What Behaviours and Values We're Looking For:

Excellence - You aim to be the best at what you do.

Black Sheep - You favour the unorthodox, are highly independent-minded and bring a maverick quality to working because outcomes are all that matter.

You, amplified - You bring your amplified self to have your own distinct style of strategy.

Collaborative - You play the orchestra, collaborating with everyone from the creative teams to the connected specialisms but holding the plan together.

Risky - You push to take bold leaps, even if that means you make mistakes along the way.

Open - to how exploring and understanding how others think and work.

Hungry - You are voraciously curious and never stop feeding your mind.

Generous - You are giving of your energy and ideas to continuously improve the work without your ego in the mix.

Additional Information

At BBH we support, celebrate and thrive because of our differences. It benefits our employees, our clients and the work we produce, and we are proud to be an equal opportunities employer. When hiring we do not discriminate based on race, religion, colour, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental disability, nationality or any other characteristic covered by law. All employment is decided on the basis of qualifications, merit, and business need.

Please let us know if there are any particular adjustments we can consider to make the interview more comfortable for you.
If you would like help and advice about applying for this role please visit the Career Hive

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If you would like help and advice about applying for this role please visit the Career Hive