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Ad Creative Executive (Manchester)

Posted: 12 Jul 2019 Closes: 25 Jul 2019
Central Manchester Competitive
Variable 5264

Job Title: Ad Creative Executive
Department: Sales
Location: Manchester

The key function of the Sales Department is to generate the maximum amount of revenue from Channel 4’s
programmes and products and on behalf of UKTV and BT Sport’s advertising opportunities. Whilst at the same
time, deliver great customer service and work with the wider business to deliver the Channel 4 remit.It employs approximately 225 people who work across a range of related functions, including Agency & Client
Sales, Business Development, Digital, Partnership, Trading, Sales Development, and Campaign Operations.Most employees are based in London; but there are also growing sales teams in Manchester as well as an outsourced
business in Dublin.

The role is required to support the regional agencies and clients in an agency facing campaign team that liaises
and works with the Manchester Agency sales group, providing a client first approach towards copy set up and
campaign delivery. To manage and ensure that all advertising creatives are fit for transmission, have passed all
regulatory compliance. The copy must be created in Stellar and ready for the regional Traffic team to then
provide final checks and sequence breaks.This role will be the primary point of contact for all the regional Traffic team’s timely requirements and
communications and be responsible for liaising with the campaign ops team on any specific matters for their
agency group.The role will be responsible for supporting the regional sales team in monitoring campaign and deal delivery
levels for the reginal Agencies and advertisers. They will need to ensure that sales revenue is maintained and
sales policy is adhered to efficiently across all revenue streams alongside their copy duties.

• To ensure the channel transmits airtime in accordance with intentions of the advertising
agencies and within the regulatory framework laid down by OFCOM/ASA.
• To ensure ad copy for own agency patch is created in Stellar and ready for the regional Traffic
team to then perform final checks and sequence breaks. Supported by Campaign Ops team in
high pressure and holiday times.
• Ensure rotations are enacted correctly in stellar from Caria and organise a chasing process for
those missing instructions.
• Ensure copy is available and delivered to RedBee.
• Liaising with regional Traffic Team and London campaign team on all daily deadline issues.
• Ensuring support is available on demand for the regional sales team in all matters regarding ad
copy and compliance queries.
• Work with others internal and external to C4 e.g. user groups, other broadcasters, to
proactively identify and develop new solutions and technologies to ensure the department is
fit for the future.
• Provide training , coaching and support to team and other sales contacts internally on matters
relating to Campaign operations.
• Meeting with Sales Groups to inform them of all aspects of the month’s supply and demand and
to highlight any potential availability to the Trading Team.
• Monitoring credits and debts, commodities and delivery by audience in line with Agency deals
and current capacity.
• Checking capacity and targets for all Channel Sets.
• Must have a good understanding of our demand and supply across all Channels.


Technical & Professional Skills
• High level of accuracy and attention to detail.
• Excellent administration skills.
• Experience of using Caria.
• Good knowledge of Stellar, CopyCentral, Caria, Adstream, IMD & Honeycomb
systems and processes.
• The role requires a thorough working knowledge of Traffic and Campaign operations,
processes, systems and regulatory requirements.
• Be able to provide independent technical advice on commercial specifications in
order to ensure that they are fit for transmission.
• Required to have a broad knowledge of all related C4 departments and functions.
• Understanding of the automated CAMGEN process.

Autonomy/Judgement/Decision Making
• Must have the relevant knowledge to able to address queries regarding regulatory
guidelines, scheduling, trading policies and Campaign operations procedures.

Managing Resources
• Provides support and advice to new / junior team members to develop skills.

Relationship Management
• Builds and maintains good internal & external working relationships in order to
support efficient working and maximise revenue.
• Liaises continually with the Leeds team to ensure all copy is set and ready for TX.

Complexity/Problem Solving
• The role requires a solid understanding, interpretation and adherence to appropriate
regulatory guidelines and systems.Business Impact/Strategic Perspective
• Job holder is responsible for ensuring that commercials for a given client or agency
group are appropriate and ready to be scheduled correctly and fit conscientiously
with contentious programming.

Desirable Experience and Skills
• Relevant experience in an ad operations role in a media or sales environment.
• Ability to work under pressure.
• Good knowledge of relevant systems and processes.

Channel 4

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