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Agency Investment Lead (London)

Posted: 6 Nov 2019 Closes: 26 Nov 2019
Channel 4, 124 Horseferry Road, London, SW1P 2TX Competitive
Variable 6360

Job title: Agency Investment Lead (London)
Department: 4Sales

The Agency Investment Lead is responsible for maximising revenue across linear and digital, with a focus on driving TV spot market share and VOD revenues from a
portfolio of agencies and advertisers.
• Generate and maximise overall advertising revenues across all the Sales House’s channels and other properties, taking into account the position of the
overall dealbook.
• Lead and directly manage the Trading team on the given agency portfolio.
• Promote and maximise revenue from non-spot products working in conjunction with the Partnerships & Digital Group Managers/Manager and Agency Sales Lead.
• Responsible for managing trading relationships within the agency group and identifying, exploiting and capturing incremental revenue opportunities.
• Responsible for capturing all deal related information and regular communication to the Group Agency Investment Lead and Client & Agency Sales Leader


Maximise revenues across linear and digital, with a focus on driving market share for spot advertising from a portfolio of agencies and advertisers within an agreed
framework of pricing and qualitative benefit guidelines.
• Working directly for the Agency & Client Sales Leader, set and implement individual agency trading plans in order to maximise return for C4.
• Work in conjunction with the Group Agency Investment Lead and the group’s Agency Sales team on both annual and short term deal negotiations in order to maximise
C4 TV market share and revenues within policy guidelines.
• Analyse, prepare and create sales materials for both annual negotiations and negotiations through the year, both unilaterally and in conjunction with the Agency
& Client Sales Leader.
• Capture new / incremental business from clients and agencies within the portfolio.
• Maximise late sales monies on a regular basis in the context of policy guidelines
• Working collaboratively with the Agency Sales Lead to identify commercial opportunities within agency patch and with the Senior Client Leader on client direct deals

Relationship Management
• Manages key trading relationships with relevant agencies, mostly at Associate Director and Director level. This involves varying stance and attitude to maximise
revenue/market share, often in an aggressive commercial environment. Personally handles major conflict situations to effective conclusion.
• Development of strong external relationships with broadcast directors, senior agency account handlers, buyers and planners.
• Conflict management required both internally and externally.
• Interpreting and explaining information to all levels ensuring that strategy and results are fully implemented and understood.
• Integral part of the Agency Sales group and wider trading teams. Shares new ideas and market information to maximise revenue opportunities across the total
agency portfolio and wider business.
• As a key member of the integrated agency group, identifies and implements approaches to improve effectiveness and maximise revenue.

Work as part of an integrated team to maximise total revenues and market share from a portfolio of agencies.
• Work with Agency & Client Sales Leader and the rest of integrated sales team to maximise overall C4 advertising revenues across all products and platforms,
including cross-platform propositions.
• Promote, sell and negotiate incremental revenue opportunities beyond annual contracts, in conjunction with the integrated sales team.

Develop and account-manage key agency and client relationships.
• Create and deliver company and individual presentations to agencies/clients.
• Support Agency & Client Sales Leader in developing sales plan for agency.

Work with the agency sales team, ensuring agency revenues are maximised and trading deals are delivered optimally.
• Work with the Agency Sales Lead and team and, in conjunction with Airtime Management and the Late Sales Manager, identify and develop strategies which maximise
revenue from the available short-term inventory. Ensure that the terms provided for an agency’s late approvals serve the longer term strategy for trading with that agency.
• Develop the sales strategy and policies with the Agency Sales Lead to be rolled-out to the Agency Sales teams.
• Translate deal strategies to the Agency Sales team and motivate them to maximise revenue for C4.
• Liaise with Agency Sales team on any spot campaign issues.
• Work with the senior management team on future sales policy and strategy.
• Develop productive internal relationships across the Sales department.
• Takes ownership and responsibility for delivering the deal so that inventory capacity is maximised.

Manage the trading team to ensure that key responsibilities are delivered on the portfolio of agencies and clients to achieve maximum results.
• Allocates tasks and functions between self and team. Oversee direct reports to ensure that these are correctly completed.
• Guides, develops and trains direct reports.

Manages the drafting and issue of contracts immediately after agreements are made, ensuring legal compliance.
• Ensure that both the Agency Sales team and agency buyer have full understanding of the detail and the meaning of the deal contract, to prevent any misunderstandings.
This includes responsibility of rewriting and reissuing the contract if there isn’t complete clarity on behalf of the Agency Sales team or buyer.
• Contract terms must be consistent with department guidelines and Sales’ policies.
• Responsibility for maintaining background records on the structure and nature of agreements.


Leadership skills
• Demonstrates clear leadership skills, working and motivating a team with varying amounts of experience.
• Judgement, style and manner are critically important in a challenging environment, to ensure that C4’s reputation is maintained and enhanced, whilst difficult
discussions are an innate part of the role.

Autonomy/Judgement/Decision Making
• Largely autonomous role informed by regular review meetings with Agency & Client Sales Leader and Group Agency Investment Lead.
• Workload priorities are set by customers and internal C4 stakeholders around the annual sales cycle. The jobholder manages timescales and delivery within this
framework, delegating to the team as appropriate.
• Fully conversant with overall and specific market/competitor knowledge (e.g. ITV, Sky) to make sound commercial judgements.
• Makes key decisions (both current & strategic) that have a marked effect on C4’s revenue e.g. new agency wins, deal inclusion/exclusion, pricing incentives for
incremental money.
• Formulates sales strategy for following year in consultation with Agency & Client Sales Leader. Manages, leads and directs Agency Sales & Trading teams in making
the most effective contribution to this process.

Managing Resources
• Directly manages the portfolio’s Trading team.
• Responsible for recruitment, development, training and performance management of the Trading Manager’s in conjunction with the Agency & Client Sales Leader.
• Acts as advisor/consultant to management teams in output areas (More4, E4, etc.) with a view to maximising sales opportunities.
• Liaises with the company’s auditor to ensure contractual delivery and investigates any discrepancies.
• Responsible for managing performance of direct reports, including coaching, mentoring and training as appropriate. Identifies and develops key talent within teams.

Business Impact/Strategic Perspective
• Contributes to the longer-term structure and culture of Channel 4 (e.g. ‘convergence’ issues)
• Responsible for developing sales policies and sales strategies alongside other senior sales managers.

Complexity/Problem Solving
• Resolves deal interpretation issues e.g. contractual commitments, deal exclusions and legislating for any agency new business wins and/or losses.
• Arbitrates escalated airtime disputes - both with agencies and, occasionally, internally.
• Secures the best value deals for C4’s inventory on a sustainable basis, by pitching to agencies, sometimes in a volatile overall market.
• Larger deals are complex and involve the whole of Channel 4’s output, with components including: price, length of contract, cultural and PR issues and conflicts
of interest (both internal and external).
• Job deliverables include key message presentations, commercial diligence checks and data analysis
• Maintains and develops industry knowledge in order to contribute to the direction of the integrated sales team. For example:
1. How does Channel 4 present itself to the market over the next 3 years?
2. What revenues can be expected over this period?

• Substantial relevant experience in TV media sales (to Trading Account Manager level or equivalent), with proven trading experience.
• Excellent Sales diplomacy and negotiation skills.
• Experience of negotiating large and small deals.
• Experience of working as a buyer or planner at an advertising agency.
• Working to Trading Account Manager level or equivalent in TV Sales.

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