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Business Continuity Co-ordinator

Posted: 24 Aug 2020 Closes: 23 Sep 2020
Rugby Competitive
Permanent & Full-time 1579719525

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Company Overview

At Motorola Solutions, we create technologies our customers refer to as their lifeline. Our technology platforms in communications, software, video and services help our customers work safely and more efficiently. Whether it's helping firefighters see through smoke, enabling police officers to see around street corners, or reliably keeping the lights on in homes and businesses around the world, our work supports those who put their lives on the line to keep us safe. Bring your passion, potential and talents to Motorola Solutions, and help us usher in a new era in public safety and security.

Department Overview

The BC Co-Ordinator (BCC) plays a key role in supporting the Business Continuity Manager in maintaining and driving BC and MIM across our business. It is business risk led but encompasses all elements including driving joined up recovery with IT. The key responsibilities of the BCC are:
Job Description

The BC Co-Ordinator (BCC) plays a key role in supporting the Business Continuity Manager in maintaining and driving BC and MIM across our business. It is business risk led but encompasses all elements including driving joined up recovery with IT. The key responsibilities of the BCC are:
  • Ensuring overall compliance to BCDR Policy and Framework;
  • Participating and driving MIM maintenance, simulations and exercises. BCC assists the BCM in the overall coordination of the MIM process (Below);
  • Driving and participating in the various governance steering from both JBCMWG and BCDRSG perspective;
  • Setting and agreeing agenda's, minutes, exercise roadmap, consolidating KPI's, BCDR Risks and annual maintenance and improvement roadmap;
  • Involved in the programme and delivering of annual MIM and BC/DR Exercises, including maintaining the BCDR Roadmap;
  • Ensuring BC recovery objectives map to IT Recovery (through BIA recovery objectives and ORA Scenarios);
  • Maintaining and supporting the network of BCC's. In particular by:
oAssisting and guiding BIA and BCplan development

oTraining new BCC's and hand-off from existing BCC's when roles change; and

oProviding awareness, education and training on Business Continuity

Maintaining the BC plans in line with any changes and review each annually with the business teams BIA plan annualsign off;
  • Ensuring that all plans, BC solutions and BCM teams are exercised, tested and rehearsed to raise awareness and to diminish the level of confusion during a crisis;
  • Auditing the BCC's who each have their own BIA and Plans in line with the Audit Programme, to ensure quality and that the documents are reviewed and signed off every 12 months or at time of major business change;
  • Providing a cross cutting view of critical service recovery (end-to-end perspective) and assessment of recovery of processes against IT and any gaps (working with the IT DR Manager);
  • Demonstrating effective BCM governance to the Authority;
  • Quarterly, reviewing and sign-off of the ORA including agreeing scenario priorities/addressing emerging scenarios with Authority;
  • Acting as the go to person forall BCM (MIM, BC, Links to IT recovery) within ESN and by the Authority and EE (joint working) other third-parties, internal and external audit;
  • Maintaining emergency contact handbook and ensuring staff changes are reflected in the BC plans and that new staff understand their BC role ;
  • Keeping information in the ESN BC Share up to date and any offline copies required at invocation;
  • Maintaining the Godiva work area recovery site as ready for invocation (new applications, changes to infrastructure, new joiner/annual desk exercise);
  • Working cross-cutting with other ESN teams that may have BCDR or resilience overlaps, including but not limited to:
oPhysical Security, which acts as a preventative control to in-extremis attacks such as Lone Wolf, car bomb, white powder, deliberate and targeted radioactive or biological contamination;

oCyber Security, ensure ongoing focus on resilience, mitigating activities to reduce business impact through work arounds, ensuring recovery priorities are aligned to contractual service recovery objectives and those defined through the business impact analysis;

oAnnually, with the incident management team, reviewing clusters of incidents to find common themes and potential areas for a deep dive to find common causes to identify continuous improvement opportunities to improve operational resilience; and

oUsing the outcomes from BIA, working from an end-to-end service mapping perspective to ensure consistent end-to-end approach to capacity management, across all enablers.
  • Working with MSI procurement and existing third-party providers continuity, to ensure BCDR arrangements are appropriate (Ericsson, QinetiQ); and
  • Reporting KPI's for BC and working with ITDR to create an annual maintenance and exercise plan.
Additionally, the BCC supports the Major Incident Managementprocesses. Whilst this is driven by senior management the BCC's role is to ensure readiness. The MIM process drives all recovery actions including invoking BC and DR. The key responsibilities of are:
  • Supportinginvocation (as required) in the event of a major incident.
  • The BCC (with the MIML, BCM, BC and DR leads) responsibility includes ensuring that cross-cutting issues including:
oMajor incidents Exercises, and

oEnd-to-end ESN service exercising.
  • Are addressed with the Authority. This includes linking and interoperating with any overarching or connected BC or DR plan/s. This covers both the Authority, EE, Samsung, Airwave,Ericsson, QinetiQ, Vodafone);
  • Maintaining the MIM and MIM Scenario Resolver Groups and MIM Stakeholder Communications. ESN resolver groups may address one or more scenario and comprise SME's. Scenarios include, but are not limited to, Loss of a Data Centre, Cyber, loss of a major facility or prolonged denial of access, pandemic;
  • Ensuring MIM members and new or replacement MIM team members are aware of their role;
  • Updating and distributing the quick reference.
  • Creating, agreeing and maintaining a detailed stakeholder communication strategy including SMC communications for key partners and Users;

Basic Requirements

  • Any essential qualifications (GCSE/A levels/degree/professional level)
  • Business Continuity certification or demonstratable experience at an operational level.
  • Sound understanding of RISK management.
  • Sound understanding of Disaster Recovery and the needs for Disaster Recovery.
  • Good IT Skills
  • Good interpersonal and communications skills.
  • Specific technical and professional skills
  • ITIL Foundation or equivalent.
  • Knowledge and understanding of International and National BC standards, including BC Institute Good Practice Guidelines
  • An understanding ISO 20000 ISO 27001 and ISO22301
  • Type and level of minimum experience required
  • Demonstrable operational experience within telecommunications.
Desirable knowledge and skills
  • Commercial awareness.
  • Project management
  • Experience of managing external customers and suppliers.
A basic knowledge and understanding of the Civil Contingency Act 2004 (2012)

Travel Requirements

Relocation Provided

Position Type

Referral Payment Plan

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