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Head of Data Governance

Posted: 14 Dec 2020 Closes: 14 Feb 2021
London (FT) Competitive
Permanent & Full-time JR005739

Job Role

The Data Strategy and Governance team exists to initiate and lead data-led opportunities that typically span multiple teams and departments. These opportunities are a combination of identifying future value in data, by using existing data in new ways, or using new data (Strategy) as well as protecting the value we currently realise from data we already have, and may have in the future (Governance). 

This role is centred on Governance, and has two broad areas of responsibility, namely to ensure our use/treatment of data is compliant with relevant legislation and also to maintain/improve the quality of our key data assets. It is required to work in partnership with the sister Head of Data Strategy role, to ensure we protect the value of not only the data we currently have, but also the data that we don’t yet have, but is identified as having potential future value.  The value this role realises (by taking a pan-FT view), is not considered elsewhere in the organisation, so the DS&G team is required to focus on realising that, with roles centred around initiating and leading, achieved through forming effective partnerships across all corners of the business.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement a company wide data governance framework, with a focus on improving/maintaining data quality as well as the protection of sensitive data through the creation/modification of policies and standards, principles, governance, processes and data architecture

  • Ensure that data governance is understood and valued across the organisation

  • Establish and govern a company wide data governance implementation roadmap, aligned to the FT’s strategic priorities

  • Establish roles and responsibilities related to data governance and ensure clear accountability for stewardship of the FT’s key data assets

  • Evangelise the concept of “data as an asset”

  • Serve as a liaison between the business and functional areas to ensure that data related business requirements for protecting sensitive data are clearly defined, communicated, well understood and considered as part of operational prioritisation and planning

  • Provide thought leadership and participate with projects that involve any of the upstream or downstream data flows and processes

  • Spearhead the FT’s Data Quality agenda by…

    • Determining what matters i.e. defining the impact of Data Quality issues on the business and the commercial value of resolving them

    • Setting standards/data quality metrics

    • Checking standards are being met

    • Flagging where they aren't

    • Support analysis of data quality issues and suggest remediations

    • Periodically reviewing standards/metrics and recommending changes as/when required

  • Partner with teams that own particular data sets and who have authority or resources to take action if there are data quality problems

  • Partner with commercial stakeholders to establish how data quality improvements can help their business area (or conversely how data quality issues negatively impact their area)

  • Manage Data Governance Manager

Person requirements

  • Deep expertise within data governance with knowledge of data governance practices, business and technology issues related to management of enterprise information assets and approaches related to data protection

  • Knowledge of data related government regulatory requirements and emerging trends and issues

  • Knowledge of industry leading data quality and data protection management practices

  • Ability to manage senior relationships across all the Business and Functional areas

  • Ability to develop cooperative and constructive working relationships

  • You will be proactive and passionate about helping the FT better manage and govern its data

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