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People Centred Change - Collaboration Designer - Manager

Posted: 8 Jun 2021 Closes: 9 Jul 2021
London Competitive
Permanent & Full-time PwC_215115WD-int

About the Opportunity

PwC is the number one Professional Services firm and we pride ourselves on our vision, values and the ability to provide an exceptional service to a vast network of clients. We are a firm full of energy, challenge, innovation and opportunities. Our people connect their thinking, experience and solutions to enhance value for our clients.

BXT is a business unit of PwC and a key market differentiator in the consulting market. The BXT team provides a collaborative and innovative approach to accelerating the design of solutions to complex business issues. In order to do this, BXT produces facilitated events ranging from strategic 3-day sessions, to serial tactical workshops, to dedicated on-site transformation hubs all of which aim to assist our clients to solve complex business programs in accelerated timeframes.

Job Description

The Collaboration Designer is responsible for the appropriate scoping of BXT sessions to solve critical thinking and execution issues across the client enterprise. Once scoped, sessions are designed and executed with a delivery team and a participant group of 10-150.

The Collaboration Designer is required to confidently grasp a range of business problems and lead a sponsor group through the design of an event which facilitates solving these problems.

You will manage the delivery of this in an environment that enhances and encourages creativity.

Reporting structure & key relationships

The Collaboration Designer works in partnership with the Facilitator to design and prepare for events. In the days immediately before, during and post an event the Collaboration Designer acts as the leader of a group of typically 4-12 'crew' who are contracted to deliver these events.

Requirements Behaviours

An important character trait of a Collaboration Designer is being completely client focussed - to the point of supporting and coaching them in whatever goals they may have. The facilitation and design elements of the role must remain outcome agnostic, with a strong sense of service and willingness to adapt Design Methodology to the problem at hand. The BXT team utilises elements of the MGTaylor Design process within a broader Design Thinking approach.

Secondly, the Collaboration Designer must be highly professional in their approach to work. The work of a Collaboration Designer fluctuates in peaks and troughs and they must be flexible enough to prioritise and complete tasks during the peaks and maximise time for learning and venture development in the troughs.

The ideal Collaboration Designer is also bright, inquisitive, adaptable, well-organised and has exceptional attention to detail. Effective communication skills are vital, as the Collaboration Designer has direct contact with the most senior levels of our client organisations, alliance partners, and vendors. While the work is intense, the environment is creative and we encourage/expect everyone to contribute innovative ideas.

Collaboration Designers should have a strong interest in design thinking - divergent, creative, integrative, and curious.

  • 2+ years in consulting and/or project management, acquiring good core foundation skills
  • A positive outlook and good interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrated experience in the ability to work independently and take initiative
  • A detail oriented approach with excellent time management skills
  • An adaptable/flexible service orientated approach
  • A high level of computer literacy
  • A hunger and energy for a new challenge
  • An understanding of the MGTaylor process or Design Thinking approach. An appreciation of Agile ways of working would be a plus.

Computer Skills Required
  • Google suite to include mail, slides and sheets

In addition skills in the following products would be beneficial
  • Adobe CS, including: Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Mural, Miro or other collaborative platforms


The overall objective of the Collaboration Designer role is the end-to-end project management of BXT Design Forums and collaborative engagements.

Indicative responsibilities include:
  • Scope transformational Design Forums
  • Design detailed agendas for Design Forums
  • Manage specialised project teams of 3-20 for events
  • Liaise with other vendors and partners to ensure event logistics are in place
  • Facilitate sponsor design teams to create alignment for project approaches
  • Scope, compile and edit specialised executive summary documentation
  • Contribute to ongoing creation and compilation of Design Methods work product, including: manuals, wikis and explanations of process

Collaboration Designers, as with all members of the BXT team must contribute to a close-knit, high performing team; creating a challenging, supportive and nurturing environment; seeking out personal learning opportunities and supporting a learning environment within the team. All team members will contribute to the ongoing development of the venture.
If you would like help and advice about applying for this role please visit the Career Hive

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If you would like help and advice about applying for this role please visit the Career Hive