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Platform Partnerships Manager (London)

Posted: 17 Jun 2019 Closes: 22 Sep 2019
Channel 4, 124 Horseferry Road, London, SW1P 2TX Competitive
Variable 5215

Platform Partnerships Manager (London)

Reports to: Distribution & Platform Partnerships Lead
Department: Commercial & Business Development

The Distribution & Platform Partnerships Team manages C4’s relationships with third-party TV platforms (Sky, Virgin, YouView and others), digital services
(including Google, Facebook, Snap, Apple and Amazon) – and many other UK & Ireland partners including telcos and CE manufacturers.

The team ensures that our channels, VOD services and digital content are in the right place, in the right way, to support Channel 4’s role as a Public
Service Broadcaster. We do this by maximising viewing to our content and revenue to our business – through negotiating good commercial deals, developing
productive & positive relationships, and seeking out new and interesting distribution opportunities.

Our two Platform Partnerships Managers make the above happen by leading our commercial deals with partners day-to-day: being part of the negotiation team,
delivering new initiatives and developments, and ensuring the successful performance of our major deals.

As well as growing our important existing relationships, they seek out new digital distribution opportunities, enabling the business to explore exciting
developments with a wider range of players than it does today – for instance, looking at how C4 content may play a part in a new video service on an
emerging social platform.

The Managers not only ensure that C4 and platforms are compliant with commercial obligations, but also that we have mutually rewarding partnerships.
They lead on most day-to-day matters that arise with our deals, and play an enthusiastic role in ensuring that our business is up-to-speed on everything
that’s emerging in the TV platform & digital distribution landscape – for instance, sharing with other departments details of the latest product launches
and our thinking about how they fit with C4’s commercial and PSB priorities.

Successful cross-functional working is crucial - the Manager might be working with Legal to fine-tune the details of a commercial deal for a new piece of
consumer tech kit; with Marketing to help us get the best out of a new partnership with a video aggregator; with our rights team to ensure we’ve got what
we need to launch our channels on a new TV platform; or with our strategic colleagues to help shape what our video proposition might be on a new emerging
social app.

It’s an exciting and interesting role that will help C4 shape how it engages with audiences - and grows revenue - over the next 5-10 years.

• Experience working with linear TV, VOD, and/or digital platforms
• Experience in managing contracts and negotiating commercial deals
• Knowledge of technology and an eagerness to proactively learn about new developments - a keen interest in digital products, social media and new
means of audience engagement
• Demonstrable, high-quality relationship-building skills
• Experience in navigating complex operational matters, particularly in the field of TV/VOD/online, and comfortable with understanding technical detail
• Excellence at organisation and comfortable managing a range of competing priorities
• Knowledge of the UK broadcast and distribution sector – and the key regulatory, legal and policy matters that impact it

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