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Product Manager, UKIT

Posted: 18 Nov 2020 Closes: 18 Dec 2020
National, National UK Competitive
Permanent & Full-time PwC_46170BR

Job description

A Product Manager defines, owns and solves problems, you will:
  • Manage a product through the various stages of product lifecycle which include discovery, launch, growth, maturity, decline and end of life.
  • Supports Senior and Lead Product Managers.
  • Has a deep knowledge of product management techniques and are developing expert skills in the understanding of product management techniques and essential skills.
  • Will support Associate Product Managers in their career development.

Product Managers - key responsibilities:

  • Defining the product vision and mission that delivers value based on the users and business needs, wants and demands.
  • Define and maintain the roadmap (strategy), in line with the Firmwide and LoS objectives, and prioritise what matters most to achieve the strategic goals and initiatives behind the product.
  • Provide full transparency of the vision, mission, strategy, backlog, trade-offs, costs and value.
  • Prioritise spending based on return on investment and strategic intent.
  • Drives the success of the product and collaborating with the cross-functional team that will be building and improving it.
  • Clearly articulate the business value to the wider teams so that they can understand the intent behind the product/release.
  • Continued analysis, learning and measuring any internal/external factors that may have an impact on your product including seeking opportunities.
  • Responsible for the full lifecycle of the product and its features from inception through to retirement.
  • Collecting quantitative product data and metrics to understand product performance.
  • Full stakeholder analysis and management
  • Key contact for impactful incidents, communicating and liaising with stakeholders to understand the impact and working with specialists to resolve the problem.
  • Create marketing communication materials to support the product.
  • Responsible for benefits realisation.

Is aware of and understands lean-agile methodologies and how to apply the agile mindset to all aspects of their work. Has the ability to work in a fast paced, evolving environment and utilises an iterative method and flexible approach to enable rapid delivery. Unafraid to take risks, willing to learn from mistakes and appreciates the importance of product delivery. Able to establish the feedback loop for teams and has responsibility for the translation and measurement of value (what you put in and what you will get out) and how this relates to UK IT, Line of Service (LoS) and Firmwide goals and user needs. Able to ensure the team has a situational awareness of what each other is working on. Ensures that working practices are iterated to achieve effective delivery.

Understands the different phases of product delivery and is able to contribute to, plan or run these. Able to maintain a product or process through the delivery phases, through to live and into retirement. Able to lead a team through the different phases of the delivery lifecycle. Can maintain and iterate a product over time to continuously meet user needs. Understands and is aware of incident management and service support so that products are built effectively.

Able to manage the operational process of designing and running a product throughout its entire life-cycle. Able to implement best practice in product development and knows how to plan and operationalise the stages of new product development. Able to overcome operational constraints to deliver a successful product. Works closely (when required) with other product teams/service owners across IT.

Understands and identifies problems, analysing and helping to identify the appropriate solution. Is able to classify and prioritise problems, document their causes and implement remedies.

Uses a range of product management principles and approaches. Captures and translates user needs into deliverables. Able to define the minimum viable product, product roadmap, and make decisions about

Focuses on outcomes, not solutions. Is bold - develops ambitious visions and strategies. Gets the organisation and team to buy-in. Translates the vision into prioritised deliverable goals

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If you would like help and advice about applying for this role please visit the Career Hive