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Senior Data Engineer

Posted: 8 Apr 2021 Closes: 8 May 2021
LONDON, UK Competitive
Permanent & Full-time 1889993591

Unleash your potential in a place you belong tracks users' listening habits on hundreds of streaming platforms and provides in-depth insights about their listening, identifies top tracks and artists, rates how mainstream they are and then uses that data to make hyper-personalised music recommendations. For over 15 years we have been the world's premier music recommendation engine, powering listening for both our users and our partners alike. Our deep, global knowledge of music extends from the top 100 to the most obscure bands in the world, all from our London HQ. - Your Music Counts.Overview
What is the role:

You'll be joining 10 talented developers on the software engineering team, which is responsible for building and maintaining the website and all of the services and jobs which power it.
  • You will be responsible for crafting, building and maintaining reliable systems at web scale to manipulate and derive insights from our large, unique music listening datasets
  • You will use Spark, Dataproc and other technologies to apply insights about music gathered from a variety of sources, including data gathered from our users, to help us improve our platform
  • Using Java and Python, you will help us to build and maintain a variety of services which underpin's website, API, apps and Scrobbling infrastructure.
  • You will work closely with other developers and product managers and be encouraged to influence the development of the product by providing input into the architecture of the software and our data pipelines we build.
  • You will be responsible for helping to maintain a development path that keeps us true to our principles and ensuring we scope, define and deliver a product which provides a dependable and consistently good experience for end-users and partners.
  • You will apply your own experience from past roles in areas such as data generation to help us develop techniques and methods which improve the quality of these systems.
Upcoming Key Projects:
  • Improving foundational technologies such as our music catalogue and catalogue of users' music listening histories
  • Reducing the time taken for newly released music to be coordinated into our catalogue
  • Identifying and correlating the many variations of songs and albums so that they contribute to a unified, coherent, stable and reliable dataset
  • Identifying new ways to infer correlations between messy user generated content and the ordered, structured catalogue of music that exists in the world
  • Identifying hidden trends in our data such as up-and-coming artists or genres
  • Rolling out new data insights and visualisations for personalised listening reports (current example
  • Developing new technology solutions to enable users to delve into their listening history
  • Real-time listening and trending stats for artists and individual tracks
What skills do you need:
  • Experience working with data ingestion pipelines
  • Experience with software engineering best practices (Git, CI/CD, Unit Testing)
  • Experience crafting solutions with distributed systems
  • Years of experience with Java and/or Python in an Agile team
  • Computer Science degree level knowledge of Algorithms, Data Structures.

ViacomCBS Networks International

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