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Senior Data Scientist (London)

Posted: 3 Sep 2019 Closes: 18 Sep 2019
124 Horsefrry Road, London, SW1 Competitive
Variable 5315

Job Title   Senior Data Scientist
Reports to    Chief Data Scientist
Department    Data Science

About C4
Channel 4 is publicly-owned (like the BBC), but commercially-funded by advertising. We exist to provide a unique public service and to provoke debate, encourage diversity, take creative risks and inspire change.

The Team
The Data Science team builds machine-learning products that have made Channel 4 better to watch and create revenue.
We work with big and varied datasets (billions of views, millions of users, natural language subtitles and video) with modern tools (Python, Spark, AWS) on problems ranging from recommendations to clustering to NLP to image classification.
We have received multiple awards for our innovative use of AI, our amazing Data Driven products and as the best Data Science team at the DataIQ awards 2019, Biggies 2018, MediaTel Research Awards 2018 and many more in the past years.
We are a diverse, motivated team of 15, including junior and senior data scientists, product managers and our graduates studying at UCL on MRes / PhD programmes.
We use machine learning and data in inventive ways to have a measurable impact on the business by increasing revenue, improving the viewer experience and increasing efficiency.
In order to grow and develop we run weekly Lab Meetings (a mix of journal club and forum for discussing project results) and spend one day a month as a team diving into particular skills and techniques (from software design to visualisation to cross-validation) and using hackathons to try out ideas and practise new styles of collaboration.
Channel 4 is a positive and supportive place to work and as a team we place high importance on achieving strong relationships and treating each other with fairness and respect. 

The Role
As Senior Data Scientist, you will be the Tech Lead on at least one of our main projects, with considerable autonomy in how you run things.
You’ll manage and mentor junior data scientists, become a domain expert in multiple areas, and play a central role in our internal training programme.
You’ll work with the other senior members of the team to shape the strategic direction, and work with internal business stakeholders to decide on and design new products.
You’ll have the opportunity to present our work, and to see the impact it has on the business and on millions of viewers.

The Essential Experience & Skills you’ll need
• You are experienced in applying machine learning to a variety of problems
• You have a proven track record of building software to a high standard
• You have strong Python skills (or multiple other languages including R, Matlab, JavaScript, C++)
• You have proven experience with SQL, Spark or other tools for wrangling large data sets
• You have a good knowledge of Git (or other version control), Linux (or similar), AWS (or similar)
• You have experience working with large datasets, writing production ready code
• You have excellent computational, mathematical, statistical or other quantitative skills
• You can demonstrate having brought complex data-related projects to fruition and shown their value
• You have built products used by others, generated tangible business results and provided insights that have shaped decisions
• You have either written a dissertation, have been published in peer reviewed journals, contributed to open source projects or spoken at conferences and events
• You enjoy taking responsibility and are motivated to continuously improve performance
• You are committed to helping others around you develop and succeed
• You demonstrate strong verbal and written communication
• You are interested in creatively using technology to solve business problems   

The Desirable Experience & Skills it would be good to have
• You can demonstrate successful team and project management
• You have experience with deep learning, classification, recommendation engines, optimisation, AB testing, complex visualisations, forecasting, NLP, ensemble models, Bayesian approaches, active learning, image recognition or sentiment analysis
• You are comfortable with HTML, JavaScript and building for the web  

Your Application
If invited to discuss the role in more detail, you’ll have three interviews with members of the team and will be asked to complete and discuss a technical task in stage one.
Diversity is at the heart of everything we do on and off-screen at Channel 4 so we welcome applications from people who meet the essential criteria regardless of background, educational attainment or location.

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