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Senior Front End Developer

Posted: 6 Apr 2021 Closes: 6 May 2021
London, United Kingdom Competitive
Permanent & Full-time PBM_743999741638120

Company Description

Fancy joining a global organisation that is revolutionizing the digital landscape? Today, as clients across industries are moving from digitally extending their businesses to placing digital at the core, Publicis Sapient has an unprecedented opportunity to help them succeed.

At Publicis Sapient, we enable our clients to thrive in the Brave Pursuit of Next and to create business value through expert strategic consultancy, customer-centric experience design, and world class product engineering. The future of business is disrupting, transforming, platforming, and becoming digital to the core. We see this evolution in every major industry, from financial services to automotive, consumer products, retail, energy, and travel.

Job Description

• Technical end-to-end design for stories by collaborating with business analyst/product owner, technical architect, and clients

• Implement stories end-to-end, which includes Frontend, Backends for Frontend (BFF), Caching and also service orchestration in some cases) using best engineering practices like test driven development, SOLID principles and consideration of non-functional requirements like performance, scalability, security or cloud readiness (as applicable) at story level

• Automated testing at unit, module and integration level as needed using tools relevant for platform (e.g. Jasmine, Jest, Karma, etc.)

• Focus on quality by implementing best practices like logging, calling out technical debt, meeting KPIs using code quality tools like SonarQube, ESLint (customize and sync with Sonar), Stylelint/Sasslint and so on.

• Hands-on with automating redundant work, like common component structure, both in terms of scaffolding as well as using the right design patterns / creating abstractions.

• Mentor junior engineers in helping review code, guiding on technical decisions

• Hands-on with devops pipeline and able to tweak/change build/deployment pipeline as needed in context of a module (e.g. Jenkins / Travis / / Gitlab)


• Excellent hands-on knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, CSS Modules / CSS in JS

• Hands-on experience working with Object-Oriented JavaScript (OOJS), JavaScript - and practical uses in building complex interactive experiences, primarily with ECMAScript 2015+.

• Solid understanding of React.js, its core principles - lifecycle methods, virtual DOM etc. and at least 6 - 12 months of hands-on experience with the same

• Core understanding of how React's state management works out of the box. Understanding of different libraries available to better manage application state like Redux/MobX, difference in the way each library works (pure functions vs observables etc.) and the workflows as well as best practices

• Hands-on experience working with server-side JavaScript frameworks like Express, Koa, Hapi, etc(based on Node.js) for server-side rendering and building APIs

• Good understanding of REST APIs and Microservices. Should understand how resources are organized and how application should align based on the same. You are expected to understand how CRUD operations map to HTTP methods for a well-designed service.

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