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Local Organisations

These organisations are able to offer one-to-one support to candidates who are searching for work or training opportunities. We are compiling a downloadable resource of local and national organisations who provide Employment Support - please contact us if you would like to be included.

Some organisations provide support in more than one geographical area - please contact us if you can't find what you are looking for.

National Organisations

Diversity and Ability

Diversity and Ability Logo

Diversity and Ability can help you with assistive technology training, workplace strategy coaching and mental health mentoring to help you develop your skills, build effective strategies, and benefit from the fantastic technology that is available. We can provide a comprehensive workplace needs assessment and help you to identify any changes you may need to help you carry out your role confidently and reach your potential. Once in work, we are an Access to Work support provider, so the costs may be covered if you are eligible for Access to Work funding. Find out more about our services on the Diversity and Ability website.


BASE logo

The British Association for Supported Employment is a national membership charity that operates as a trade association for specialist employment support services. It promotes the principles and delivery of high quality Supported Employment services across England, Wales and Scotland. Visit their website here:


Visionary Logo

Visionary provides support to over 120 local organisations and the 225,000 blind and partially sighted people they work with across the UK. Their website includes a searchable map for you to find an organisation near you.

Visionary members invest over £122 million in services for blind and partially sighted people.  We represent over 80% of all local sight loss organisations in the UK and, most importantly, the local organisations do some amazing and inspirational work for blind and partially sighted people.

Visionary is always open to developing productive and effective relationships as we believe that together we can deliver better services and reach more people. To find out more about our work and to search for an organisation near you visit



We are the charity making life fully inclusive for deaf people and those with hearing loss or tinnitus. Together, we campaign for an inclusive society, We connect people to practical advice, and pioneer new treatments for hearing loss and tinnitus.

One of our priorities is supporting deaf people looking for work and those already in employment. We have developed employment support programmes which help people set out goals, develop communication skills, CV writing, interviewing, gain work experience, qualifications and settle into a new job. We also provide information and advice on the in-work support that is available, such as Access to Work and the use of assistive technology.

Our social research told us that employer attitudes are the biggest barriers that deaf people face in the work place. So we are challenging the misguided assumptions that too many people make about hearing loss. We’ve also produced an Employer’s Guide to provide free information and tips to help organisations be much more inclusive to the 5 million people of working age in the UK who are deaf.



RNIB's Sight Loss Advisers receive specialist training on topics related to living with sight loss, and many have personal experience of sight loss themselves. Sight Loss Advisers are accredited with the Advice Quality Standard, an independent accreditation for organisations giving advice to the general public.   We'll help with employment questions, and can provide information about local employability agencies. 

We also work with employers and employment professionals to raise their awareness of people with sight loss, and provide advice and support to keep people in their jobs. Find out more on the RNIB Website here.

We can be contacted on 0300 123 9999 or


Regional Organisations


Inclusion Scotland

Inclusion Scotland's Logo

We Can Work is Inclusion Scotland’s project which aims to make work more accessible for disabled people. Many disabled people want to work but the inflexibility of the workplace and difficulty accessing support can be a barrier to finding suitable employment. By creating internships, we hope to give disabled people a career boost in the area they want to work in. Most of our current work in this area is funded by Scottish Government and forms an important element of their Disability Delivery Plan, which seeks among other things to halve the disability employment gap. Visit the website here. In addition you can read about Kiana's experience with Inclusion Scotland here.


North East

Inclusion North

Inclusion North Logo

Inclusion North exists to make inclusion a reality for all people with a learning disability or autism and their families. 

We are a regional organisation working across the North East, Yorkshire and Humber. Find out more on the Inclusion North Website.


North West

Pure Innovations

Pure Innovations Logo

Pure Innovations support people with a disability or significant need to access paid employment on a 1:1 basis that matches their skills and aspirations. Referrals to the service are via health or social care professional.  

We can also help if someone needs support in work due to their disability or a long term health condition.

Pure Innovations provide support to:

  • Look at your skills and abilities to source the correct job match
  • Build confidence and work preparation
  • Speak to employers to build customised roles and paid employment
  • Interview practice or working interviews so you can try the job role
  • CV writing and application form completion
  • Employer work to discuss reasonable adjustments
  • On the job support

You can visit the Pure Innovations website here:

Breakthrough UK

Breakthrough Logo

We provide person-centred support for people who consider themselves to have learning difficulties to find work and live independently. This means we focus on the goals and barriers which each individual client identifies for themselves. 

Clients can face a wide range of disabling barriers which make it harder for them to find long-term employment in a situation that works for them. We will support them to increase their independence and to navigate and remove these barriers.

This support is provided in a variety of ways, to employers and well as would be employees, including:

  • One to one support from a dedicated adviser with motivational coaching, application support, CV assistance and interview techniques.
  • Supporting clients into education or training
  • Work and voluntary placements, and in-work training
  • Training on the Social Model of Disability and independent living

Breakthrough UK is based in Manchester - you can find out more about our services on our website

Leeds Mind

Leeds Mind Logo

Employment Support service for people accessing secondary care mental health support services. Aiming to build confidence and self-esteem, explore volunteering and training opportunities, and help prepare you to look for and gain paid work when you are ready to do so. Find out more on our website here.

What our support includes:

  • Regular one-to-one support, advice and guidance with an Employment Specialist
  • Developing an action plan to achieve your workplace goals
  • Onsite groups/ courses: confidence building, employability, job club, and IT
  • Signposting and support to enrol on other courses and training
  • Support to access volunteering opportunities
  • Help with job search, application forms, CVs and interview preparation
  • Continued support once you are in work


Manchester Deaf Centre

Manchester Deaf Centre Logo

Manchester Deaf Centre Job Club is a specialist provision which supports people who are Deaf, deafened, hard of hearing and deaf blind into employment and with any training opportunities an individual may need to become job ready. The job club has a drop in service on a Thursday between 10am-3pm and 1:1 appointments on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.

Our programme is person centered, understanding the multitude of additional barriers that our service users face, we work with them to ensure they have the right information, support and access to address their needs. We have supported people who have been offered a job within 2 weeks of registration and there have been others who have been with us for approximately eighteen months, as they require in-depth support and training before they become job ready.

We continue to work with service users until their needs have been addressed and they have progressed to a place where success and achievement is possible.

COVID-19: We are not currently offering a drop in service. You must make an appointment if you wish to meet with our specialist advisors.



Bid Services

Bid Services Logo

BID Services works in partnership with deaf people and other communities to help them achieve greater control over their lives. Our services include British sign language interpreting and training, deaf awareness training, specialist equipment, residential placements, personal and social care, advocacy, support for Tinnitus, employment support and information on housing related needs.

Ideal for All

Ideal for all Logo

Through weekly job clubs, training courses, volunteering opportunities and wellbeing programmes, we support disabled and disadvantaged people to develop their skills, confidence and CVs in order to find work or move closer towards securing employment. 

Our support is tailored to each person’s needs and aspirations, designed to help them overcome barriers to work including providing information and guidance to employers and professionals relating to the employment of disabled people.

Please have a look at

Disability Sheffield

Disability Sheffield Logo

We are a membership and user led organisation, run and controlled by disabled people. We promote independent living for disabled people in Sheffield. By independent living we mean that disabled people have the same freedom and rights to exercise choice and control over their own lives as any other person. Find out more on the website:




East of England

Work Well Suffolk

Work Well Suffolk Logo

Work Well Suffolk is a 3-year project secured through Suffolk County Council and funded by European Social Funding. The project will work with participants on employability ,health, skills and wellbeing for the people of Suffolk. It will ensure that individuals can gain bespoke and timely access to relevant services, whilst blending in coaching, employability support, skills provision and advice and guidance.

The Work Well Suffolk team can be contacted on

Lincolnshire Sensory Services

Support clients into paid work. The team provide support to people (18+) with all degrees of hearing loss (inc BSL users) and visual impairment.

Support given to write a CV, get it uploaded by various employment agencies such as Indeed. They also support clients in accessing the local Job Centre and provide awareness to Job Centre staff. Once a client is selected for interview the team will help them to register with Access to Work so that communication support can  be provided at interview. If the candidate is successful they will then contact the employer and advise them on how to support / work with an employee with sensory loss.

In addition to this LSS have a specific initiative for employment; the Sensory Impairment Employment Initiative. This enables the team to identify employers who already employ or who are willing to employ clients with sensory loss. These employers are supported and advised by the team in employing people with sensory loss. You can find out more on the Lincolnshire Sensory Services website here.


South West

AS Mentoring Ltd

AS Mentoring Logo

ASM provides employment-focused support to adults with autism and other neurodiverse conditions. Their aim is to help their clients achieve their potential as individuals, and facilitate their social inclusion through employment. They work closely with employers to develop the provision of inclusive workplaces through advice, training, consultancy (including formal workplace assessments) and ongoing support. 

They have a strong commitment to a practical and client-centred approach, tailored to the needs of individual recruits/employees and to the workplace requirements of each particular company. They will recommend specific Reasonable Adjustments, and be available to support their ongoing implementation. ASM has extensive experience of supporting a wide range of employees and employers across all sectors, throughout all stages of the recruitment and employment process. Areas covered are: London, Surrey, Bristol, Birmingham and Poole - Dorset. You can visit the ASM website here


WECIL logo

WECIL are an award winning, user led organisation dedicated to supporting independent living to create a more inclusive society. We work with anyone who identifies as being a disabled person.

WECIL grew out of a need for disabled people to manage and run their own services and have been supporting independent living since 1995.  Twenty five years later, we've grown to be one of the country’s largest Centres for Independent Living.

We are committed to supporting disabled people to find and sustain work if they have the capacity to do so. Our approach is to work on removing the barriers to employment and engaging with employers to raise awareness of the contribution disabled people can make.  WECIL currently runs a free employment course for anyone who identifies as disabled or has a long-term health condition.

The Social Model of Disability is at the very core of everything we do.

We are committed to supporting disabled people to find and sustain work if they have the capacity to do so. Our approach is to work on removing the barriers to employment and engaging with employers to raise awareness of the contribution disabled people can make. We run a free course, Working Together, that comprises the following parts:

  1. Reasonable Adjustments in work and the Access to Work scheme
  2. How to write a disclosure letter and looking at case studies
  3. How to create/tailor a CV
  4. How to write a cover letter and volunteering
  5. Writing a job application and behaviours in work
  6. Preparing for an interview & course reflection/next steps

For more information go to


South East & London

Balance CIC

Logo for Balance CIC

Balance helps disabled people in South West London to reach their potential. including employment support for people with mental health needs or a learning disability. See more by visiting their website:





Ways into Work

Ways into Work logo

Ways into Work is a Social Enterprise delivering supported employment services in South East England. Inspiring and supporting the business community to realise a society where equal opportunities and life chances exist for everyone; our mission is Changing Lives One Job at a Time. We have around 20 years’ experience of providing high quality supported employment to job-seekers and businesses. We spend time really getting to know the skills and talents of individuals with a disability or barrier, and the business needs of employers so we can effectively match the two. We then provide ongoing and hands on support to both parties to ensure that people don’t just get jobs, they keep them. And it works – over 60% of our clients are in work, 90% have been for at least 6 months and in many cases much longer. If you’re an employer, job-seeker or you already have a job but need support, please get in touch

You will find the Ways into Work eligibility criteria here.


appa logo

appa offers a range of work based support which can be both in-person or via video call. Our service can start from interview stage, starting a new role or assistance in a current role. Our services for majority of the time can be paid for entirely by the DWP Access To Work Program, and we can help you through or even manage the application process.

We are based in South East London and work in London, Canterbury, Cambridge and Brighton.

We currently offer:

  • Job coaching – Support in learning new roles.
  • Support Assistants – On-going help to bridge any gaps in productivity.
  • Mentors – Advice and guidance to help individuals collate their thoughts and idea
  • British Sign Language Interpreters – Translating from spoken to visual language and vice-versa.

Contact us via:


Tel: 0330 9999 111

Text\Vid: 07540413112


London Vision

London Vision Logo

London Vision supports blind and partially sighted people find and stay in employment. The Works For Me programme is a free service which provides support to visually impaired people living in a London borough who are seeking paid employment, as well as those who are already in paid employment who want to retain work through sight loss or are navigating a career change. You can find out more about their employment service here.

Middlesex Association for the Blind

The Middlesex Association for the Blind is offering a free service to anyone who has a disability or a visual impairment. This service runs from Hanwell, West Ealing at The William Hobbayne Centre, W7 2HB.

We offer:

  • CV writing
  • Covering letter, Speculative letter
  • Time management
  • Application  form filling
  • Telephone techniques
  • Interview techniques

The course runs for six weeks throughout the year and is free of charge to all registered visually impaired and disabled people. It runs every Monday and Tuesday 10 am – 4 pm.

Please contact Ali via email – or John via email – so we can discuss your options.

We are disabled friendly and have good access for wheel chair users and support mild to moderate learning disabilities.

Please call 07720237830 during 9 am - 5 pm Mon - Fri to find out more.

Action on Disability

Action on Disability Logo

Action On Disability’s Employment Service supports disabled people looking for work, in work and on supported internships. They also help employers who wish to be more inclusive. They provide Job Coaches, Support Workers and Travel support and support candidates with Access to Work Claims. AOD also provide supported internships for young people aged 16-25. Visit the Action on Disability website here.


The Courtyard

The Courtyard Logo

St Mary Magdalene Academy The Courtyard School is a free school for pupils with special educational needs. The pupils who attend the school have a diagnosis of autism spectrum condition and/or speech, language and communication needs. A personalised curriculum for up to 36 pupils, aged 14-19 is provided. 

The Courtyard supports pupils to investigate different types of careers and the routes into these careers. This support is offered through academic guidance, social and emotional support and practical work experience placements.


Richmond Aid

Richmond Aid Logo

Richmond AID is a charity run by and for disabled people in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames and surrounding areas.

We support people of all ages with all disabilities, including physical and sensory impairments, mental health issues and learning difficulties. We can offer advice and assistance on employment matters and give you the tools to help find work. For assistance go to

The Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities


The Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities focuses on social justice and the social determinants that impact on the wellbeing of people with learning disabilities . By tackling inequalities, identifying what works and by providing the right evidence, information, guidance and support.  You can find out more about is on our website at

Employment is an area where 95% of people with learning disabilities say they want a job and yet only 5.8% work. It is an area that we will continue to support. We work in 6 areas:

  • Employment and Education
  • Friends and Family and Community
  • Rights and Equality
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Getting the right support
  • Changing Service Delivery

Inclusion London

Inclusion London Logo

Inclusion London’s mission is to promote Deaf and Disabled people’s equality and inclusion. We do this by supporting Deaf and Disabled People’s Organisations (DDPO’s) to have a strong and influential collective voice and to deliver empowering and effective services to Deaf and Disabled Londoners. We are the only organisation run by and for Deaf and Disabled people working across every borough in London. We can provide information and links to over 70 deaf and disabled organisations in London  who can advise and answer questions on anything our candidates need to know about their employment journey or any assistance go to

Graft Thames Valley

Graft Logo

Graft Thames Valley is a small but dynamic charity that aims to eradicate barriers to employment for disabled or disadvantaged people struggling to find a job. 

Fusion is a project whose focus is to help you acquire the necessary skills for employment in the modern economy. By focusing on communication skills with management, co-workers, and clients/customers, it will help you improve all social interactions. Go to for more information

Spectrum CIL

Spectrum Logo

Based in Southampton. We offer a range of support including:

  • Advising and mentoring job seekers
  • Confidence building and personal development
  • Support and training to develop existing skills and learn new skills
  • Training and support on CV development, job searching, interview skills
  • Job readiness training courses
  • Advice and support on Access to Work applications
  • Support for volunteering and volunteering opportunities

Find out more on our website