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Resources for Employers

This film was produced in collaboration with Inclusive Films, and you are free to use it however you wish in raising awareness about the business benefits of employing disabled people. It is also available in DVD format, and in separate smaller modules. Please contact us for more details.




"A Dozen Brilliant Reasons to Employ Disabled People" (to buy click here)

If you have ever wanted to understand (or help others understand) the business case for employing disabled people, this is the definitive book for you. Using evidence from a wide range of research, case studies and personal experience, evey aspect of the workplace is examined in relation to inclusivity, providing a compelling business case relevant to every sector.

"This is the book I could have done with right at the start of my journey" (Michael Vermeersch, Microsoft)

"Every business should have a copy of this enlightening book" (Dr Phil Friend)

"An accessible, positive and informative read for anyone interested in the richness of difference in the workplace" (Francesca Martinez, comedian, author and activist)




"Diversity: The Business Benefits" (to buy, click here)

There is much talk about Diversity being "good for business", but where is the evidence? This book explores research, studies and real life case studies. It is a must for anyone who wants to know, or who wants to convince others, of the bottom line business benefits of diversity.





"Disability Etiquette" (to buy, click here)

Many people feel embarrassed or awkward around disabled people. Fear of saying the wrong thing can mean the disabled person is ignored and isolated. This light-hearted book, illustrated with cartoons, will remove all that fear and help you feel confident around disabled people.




Resources for Employers


Best Practice Portal

All employees from subscribing organisations have access to a comprehensive set of practical online resources

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Best Practice Portal 


Additional Services

For inclusive employers:

Equal Approach


Equal Approach are proud to work in partnership with Evenbreak, to enhance the offering for diversity services. EA are accredited diversity professionals working across the UK and Europe in the provision of Diverse Talent Pools, Consultancy and Training for management and executive candidates who are representative of key diversity slates, including Disability, Age, Gender, .Race, Religion, Working Parents & Carers, Sexual Orientation, Transgender and Obesity. Operating within a wide range of sectors including Banking, Financial Services, Professional Services, Legal, Retail, Construction and Automotive, and with an enviable portfolio of clients across these areas. For more information of how Equal Approach can enhance your business with diverse talent, contact

The Clear Company


We are the UK's leading experts with more than a decade of experience and a track record of assisting public and private sector companies and charities to achieve their full potential by improving diversity in recruitment and talent management. Find out more here, and you can sign up for our newsletter and get a free ClearKit licence.



Rennie Consulting

Rennie Consulting supports organisations in facilitating accessible services and environments, with a particular interest in assisting employers to support their disabled staff.

Equality Law

Equality Law is a diversity consultancy that works with organisations to ensure inclusive communications, workplace engagement and policy compliance.

UR Consultants

UR Consultants is a unique service providing bespoke disability awareness training and consultancy at realistic rates. They provide accessible versions of information and carry out mystery shopping, audits and disability awareness training.