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Rob's Story

Rob has known about Evenbreak for several years, keeping an eye out for potential job opportunities, aware he has specific needs in any role he takes on. When he saw the Team Administrator advert, he felt this was something that played to his strengths, and would give him the flexibility he needed: “when I saw the role on Evenbreak which very much fitted with what I’m capable of... and if that’s making sure Evenbreak runs a bit smoother, and redistributes the workload, then that’s a good place to start!

Robert Wilson in formal wear


Rob has hyper-mobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which affects the collagen around joints, and means he is particularly prone to dislocations, which can be as many as 75-80 kneecap dislocations a day. Having a role where he can work from home, and part-time, is key to Rob being able to thrive in a working environment, and give his best. He knows how important it is to be realistic about one’s capabilities as a candidate: “sometimes you’ve got to assess your own condition and say ‘am I physically up to doing a full day at work, or do I need to be more practical about it, and do part-time?


Family is very important to Rob – one of his earliest memories is cooking as a youngster with his mum. And he spent the first few months of 2020 caring for his father, who sadly passed away in April last year, having lived with MS for many years, and dealt recently with a number of illnesses. “I knew he needed round-the-clock care, for weeks and weeks and weeks, without a break. I’m proud that I stepped up and looked after the person who needed my help.” Rob also lost his uncle at the end of 2019. As he says “it was just one of those years where I got sledgehammered.”


After what has undoubtedly been a very challenging period, Rob is determined he remains positive. He enjoys cooking: “I’m actually quite a good cook, within my limitations – there isn’t much I don’t make – I do like doing a roast, but it’s a lot of work, and I can make a curry that will clear your sinuses!

29th Birthday photo of Rob



Dealing with the challenges of his condition, and pushing to get an official diagnosis from the medical profession, has been a major focus for Rob. He’s proud of the fact he just recently obtained the diagnosis from a clinical geneticist: “It took me a good fifteen, sixteen years from the first proper medical investigations to get the answers.” As part of this struggle, Rob got both his local MP and MSP involved, resulting in being interviewed on Scottish national TV, on the Saturday night six o’clock news: “it was my fifteen minutes of fame!”