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Titi's Story

Titi in Pamukkale

When asked what made her happy, Titi’s answer was quick and clear… really good food! Titi loves food from all over the world, and, living in Sheffield, enjoys a wide range of cuisines in her city’s restaurants. She has learnt how to use her enjoyment of food for its positive effects. As she says, “it’s amazing how much research there is out there about how food is connected to your mental wellbeing and health.”

Titi is an accomplished linguist, speaking French and Mandarin, both of which she studied at university. She also speaks Spanish, which she learnt on daily online classes with a Spanish speaker, which she says were great fun. In addition, she has been learning Yoruba, taught by her mother, who grew up speaking it. Titi had felt it was a shame she could understand Yoruba, but not speak it fluently, given it’s her natural heritage language. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Titi loves travelling. She regards learning more about other cultures and languages as key parts of her travel experiences. In fact, one of her proudest achievements was going backpacking alone as an eighteen-year-old. She travelled across Europe, going as far as Turkey, which she loved for its history, culture, and dramatic landscapes. A highlight was the beautiful thermal pools at Pamukkale, which were completely different from anything she’d seen in England. Though she’s not sure she’d be as brave as that eighteen-year-old now, it’s reassuring to her to know that courage must be still within her!

Titi in Ephesus

Having had to deal with challenges in her mental health, Titi has come a long way in the past few years, thanks to her determination to get back into work. No mean feat given that only a very small percentage of people with her mental health issues are in meaningful employment. As Titi says, “there were times when working wasn’t going to be right for me, and that was all right, and work is right for me now, and that’s all right too.” She’s aware she needs to be kind to herself. She knows she is lucky to have a strong support network in her family and close friends. 

Titi can be very proud of what she’s achieved, and good things are happening to her, not least because of her personal courage and the focus she brings to her work.