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We can help you find key workers!

The Covid-19 crisis has hit everyone hard. At Evenbreak, like many other social enterprises, we are keen to do whatever we can to help. Whilst there is a shortage of many different kinds of essential workers, we have well over 30,000 disabled candidates looking for work. It may be that some candidates are at risk and not able to apply for some of these roles, but the majority will.

We know that money and time are both limited and precious for every organisation providing services on the front line, and we want to offer help that is effective in attracting people to those valuable roles whilst not costing them any money, time or effort.

So if you, or any organisation you know of, is looking to attract candidates to key worker roles, we will open an account for you on Evenbreak, advertise your roles (directing candidates to your careers site so they apply alongside other candidates) and promote them on social media. You need do nothing other than give us your permission. The offer carries no charge and no obligation whatsoever, and we will deliver the service throughout the crisis. At the end of the crisis, we'll all go back, hopefully, to a new (and better) normal.

Please email me on or call me on 07899 800476 if this would be useful to you right now. We can't save lives, but perhaps we can do our bit to help.